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Multivariate Attribute Utility and Risk

Thursday and Friday, we organize, with Olivier, Debrah and Christoph a small workshop, at Université de Rennes 1, on Multiattribute Utility and Risk. The workshop will take place place Hoche, at the Economics faculty. Speakers are

It should be a nice informal workshop, organized with the financial support of the Actinfo Chair.

MultiAttribute Copula Utility Functions

In June, with Olivier L’Haridon, we will organize a (small) conference, in Rennes, on risk models in a multi-attribute framework. In order to fully enjoy the workshop (more to come on the blog), we organized this year an internal workshop on that topic. A gave an oveview in September on multivariate distributions, with an emphasis on spherical / elliptical distributions, distributions on the simplex, and copulas. This time, following recent presentations made by Olivier, I will present Ali E. Abbas (recent) contributions on copula-type multriattribute utility functions. Slides are online, and the presentation will be this Thursday

As discussed in the introduction, one (nice) application can be the choice of a seat in a theatre, see