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Emerging risks, an actuarial perspective

Talk at the conference assessment and mitigation of emerging risks, at the conference organized by the AXA Chair on Large Risks in Insurance (Ecole Polytechnique, ENSAE, Paris Dauphine), through the help of Johanna Etner (Université Paris 5), Meglena Jeleva (Université du Maine), Stéphane Rossignol Université Paris 5), Jean-Marc Tallon (Paris School of Economics, Université Paris 1). The conference at the Institut Louis Bachelier, Palais Brongniart. I have uploaded my slides there.

Additional material can be found here and there: the KPMG report on asbestos can be found here, the OECD report on emerging risks there, and  the book by Joel Cohen,  Kenneth Manton and Eric Stallard can be downloaded here. Finally a lot of interesting documents can be found on the Lloyd’s website, with realistic disaster scenarios (here) or on nanotechnology (there). And to conclude on emerging risks, I let Donald say what unknown risks are,