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Actuarial Pricing Game

Within a few days, we will launch the fourth actuarial pricing game.

  1. People have to register for that new game. People have to fill a form online before February 28th to get a training dataset. As in our previous versions, players can be individuals or in a team (identified as one player).
  2. When registration closes, players will receive a training dataset (training.csv). The training dataset will be based on two years of data on household policies. There will be information about the insurance policy from underwriters, as well as, claims data. They will also receive a pricing dataset (pricing.csv) with only underwriters information and no claims. The goal is to propose a premium for all records in the pricing dataset. Note that those registered will also receive additional information and template files after registration closes.
  3. Before  April 9th, 2018, players will have to provide two files: a pricing function (either a formula.py Python function, or a formula.R R function) and a dataset with prices prices.csv). The pricing function should be an understandable explicit function which, once applied to the training dataset, will yield premium prices for each record. There will be limits on the complexity of this function. To ensure this, players will receive instructions on what can be used to construct formulas either in Python or R.
  4. Before May 14th, 2018, players are asked again to submit two files: a dataset with prices (second_prices.csv) and a pricing model (either a model.py Python file, or a model.R R file). For this round there are no restrictions on what can be used in the model, as long as, by using the model file submitted the prices dataset (second_prices.csv) can be reproduced. Players will again receive further instruction on this after registration.