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From Contemplative to Predictive Modeling

As mentioned yesterday, I gave a talk, this afternoon, entitled From Contemplative to Predictive Modeling (in actuarial science and risk management). Slides are available online, but maybe I can take some time to explain what I talked about…

It is usually claimed that actuaries build ‘predictive models’ but most of the time, what they consider would be simply ‘contemplative modeling’, in the sense that they use past information and hope that the future will be more or less the same (corresponding to the idea of generalization in machine learning). In the context of climate change (but also when modeling insurance market competition) it is not the case, data used to train models do not have the same distribution as the one we will have in the future.

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Trip in (Northern) Europe

The next two weeks, in will be in (Northern) Europe, with a first stop in Brussels (to visit colleagues), then in Leuven (I will give a talk on Monday at KU Leuven), then in København (I will give a talk on Friday at Københavns Universitet), and finally in Stockholm (at Stockholm University, for the Insurance Data Science conference).

In the Fall, I will be in Europe, with Lisbon (European Actuarial Journal conference), in France (Cerisy Colloques) and in Warsaw in Poland. In Poland, I will give a two day cours on Insurance, Biases, Discrimination and Fairness

More to come soon…

Back in Leuven, for a talk on Nonparametric Estimation

I am currently in Leuven for a few days. It is always a pleasure to be back to the place where I defended my PhD, a few years ago.

I will give a talk, tomorrow, at noon, on nonparametric (and kernel related) inference for quantiles and risk measures, inspired by recent work with Emmanuel Flachaire. Our first paper log-transform kernel density estimationof income distribution is online  on http://papers.ssrn.com/id=2514882, and should appear soon. Another one it able to be finalised, soon.