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Talk in Stockholm, Sweden, at the Insurance Data Science Conference

This week, I will attend the Insurance Data Science conference in Sweeden. It has been a while… I was a keynote speaker at the one in London, ten years ago (to give a talk I still have feedbacks about – Getting into Bayesian Wizardry… (with the eyes of a muggle actuary) – by that time, the conference was “R in Insurance”), and then, we organized the one in Paris, back in 2017. Then we had the online events, but it was… different.

This time, I will get back to our recent paper A Sequentially Fair Mechanism for Multiple Sensitive Attributes, with François Hu and Philipp Ratz, and the equipy package, wrote with Agathe Fernandes-Machado and Suzie Grondin. The slides are available online.

WIM (Workshop in Insurance Mathematics) is back

After four year without it, the WIM is back. Last time, it was in February 2020. Tomorrow, Agathe and Olivier will present posters at the Workshop in Insurance Mathematics, a Concordia University.

Both posters will be on fairness and discrimination. Olivier Côté will present a poster on “Fairness in insurance enigma: exploring the maze of regulation

Agathe will present a poster on Equipy, “A Python Package for Sequential Fairness using Optimal Transport with Applications in Insurance