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IDSC’24, Insurance Data Science Conference, in Stockholm

Great time at the IDSC’24, Insurance Data Science Conference, in Stockholm, those two days…

I am glad to see so many people using the datasets of the CASdatasets package… good news, we are working with Christophe Dutang, Julien Siharath and Ewen Gallic this summer to enrich it, with fresh and new data, and with vignettes ! more about it this Fall !

Review of ‘Computational Actuarial Science with R’

Andrey Kosteko recently pusblihed a review of the book Computational Actuarial Science with R in JRSS-A. As mentioned in the review, we should still improve the github, where codes are supposed to be uploaded. And as mentioned in a previous post, the package that contains all the datasets is not hosted by the CRAN but can be found on http://cas.uqam.ca/. Hence, use

> install.packages("CASdatasets", repos = "http://cas.uqam.ca/pub/R/", type="source")
> library(CASdatasets)
> ?CASdatasets

R package for Computational Actuarial Science

A webpage for the book is now hosted on


So far, it is a very basic page, but information regarding the package can be found there. For instance, to install the package, with all the datasets, the R code is

> install.packages("CASdatasets", repos = "http://cas.uqam.ca/pub/R/")

The reference manual provides a description of all datasets.