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Review of ‘Computational Actuarial Science with R’

Andrey Kosteko recently pusblihed a review of the book Computational Actuarial Science with R in JRSS-A. As mentioned in the review, we should still improve the github, where codes are supposed to be uploaded. And as mentioned in a previous post, the package that contains all the datasets is not hosted by the CRAN but can be found on http://cas.uqam.ca/. Hence, use

> install.packages("CASdatasets", repos = "http://cas.uqam.ca/pub/R/", type="source")
> library(CASdatasets)
> ?CASdatasets

R package for Computational Actuarial Science

A webpage for the book is now hosted on


So far, it is a very basic page, but information regarding the package can be found there. For instance, to install the package, with all the datasets, the R code is

> install.packages("CASdatasets", repos = "http://cas.uqam.ca/pub/R/")

The reference manual provides a description of all datasets.