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(American) break

We are flying, this morning for three weeks in the National Parks, in the western part of the United states. First stop, Las Vegas, as mentioned in a couple of posts already. I did mention in a post in April that I did plan to visit the casinos, but more to see people gambling. And in that post, I noticed that if you play the roulette, and if your plan is to double your gain, then you’d better play big. And bet everything once. Actually, it did happen a few years ago, as a friend recently told me. Ashley Revell, 32 by that time, literally sold every that he had owned to bet on the roulette table (in Vegas). The total of his possessions came to £76,840, which gave him around $135,300 in total to bet with on one spin of the roulette wheel. And he did play everything. Ashley pushed his chips on red, the ball bobbled around the wheel, and it finally came to rest in the 7 Red slot, doubling his winnings to $270,600. But actually, as Ashley explained, it was surprisingly difficult to find a Casino in Vegas to take up such a large bet (most of them simply refused to host to such a big gamble). But a TV show decided to record the bet, and the high stakes bet was finally taken up by the casino at Plaza Hotel.

But I do not plan to play everything I own. And I really want to enjoy that break, so the blog will be probably be off for a few days, I might upload some pictures, because places we’ll visit look simply amazing, but I should be back to work in a bit less than three weeks.

(updates of the trip will be on the kids blog, for those who know it).