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Workshop in Sao Paulo

Talk at the workshop in Sao Paulo, Thursday, on “estimation of quantile related risk measures“. The workshop also invited Claudia Kluppelberg, Richard Davis, and  Ermanno Pitacco to talk. Slides can be found here. And maybe to explain a bit more where this idea of beta-kernels and transformed kernel comes from, I should mention those slides (see here for a more detailed version of the slides, and there for the full version of the paper with Jean David Fermanian and Olivier Scaillet).

Statistical seminar at Belo Horizonte

Talk at the statistical seminar at the university of Belo Horizonte, Wednesday, onmultivariate extremes. Slides can be downloaded here.

The talk will give a detailed introduction on multivariate extremes and related concepts. Then the case of Archimedean copula will be fully described (following the paper with Johan Segers).

Many thanks to Renato Martins Assunção (here) for inviting me for a couple of days in Belo Horizonte ! Thanks also for your interest in my blog… and since I understood that some people who do not speak French might be interested in my blog, I started to write my blog in English (or at least a langage that should not be too far away from English). There is a nice discussion about langage on this blog (here, unfortunately in French…)

Measuring and Covering Catastrophic Risks

Short course on Measuring and Covering Catastrophic Risks at the Maresias Conference in Sao Paulo, April 2009. Slides are now online.

There has been recently a large interest in catastrophic risks, especially following hurricane seasons in 2004 and 2005. But measuring those risks and providing an appropriate cover might be difficult. In this course, we will first describe those risks, especially climate risks (or climate related), man based risks (large fires or business interuption), and mortality risks. For those risks, we will also discuss possible covers, from classical (re)insurance to securitization (cat or mortality bonds) or insurance-linked securities (cat options). As we will see, the pricing of those products can simply be related to the choice of a risk measure. We will then discuss risk measures for large risks, and conclude with the aggregation issue.

Cat bond securitization will be studied in this course, explaining why they can be an additional tool (instead of an alternative technique) to insure against natural catastrophes.
while a Cat Bond mechanism is the following
For a more fancy description, it can be described as follows,

Two examples of natural catastrophes securitization will be studied carefully

  • WinCat : Winterthur securitization in 1997
  • The Mexican Earthquake 2007 Cat Cond.

The dataset used in this example was kindly provided by Dr. Miguel A. Santoyo (here)

  • Longevity and Mortality Risk