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Going further on journal clustering: looking within a cluster

Following my post on academic journals, Miss Lambda asked me about journals in a very specific area, namely agricultural, environmental and energy economics. I found it interesting since I do not have any idea about journal that can be in that domain of research. So I looked at some journals form the French CNRS list (online here). Hence, I have been looking for words in the title of 26,000 articles, published in 29 journals, in Agricultural, Environmental and Energy Economics. I considered American Journal of Agricultural Economics (AJEE), Ecological Economics (EE), Journal of Environmental and Economic Management (JEEM), Climate Policy (CP), Energy Economics (EE), Energy Journal (EJ), Energy Policy (EP), Environment and Planning A, B, C, D (EP-A, B, C, D), Environmental and Resource Economics (ERE), Environmental Modeling and Assessment (EMA), European Review of Agricultural Economics (ERAE), Resource and Energy Economics (REE), Agricultural Economics (AE), AMBIO: A Journal of the Human Environment (AMBIO), Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics (AJARE), Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics (CJAE), Climatic Change (CC), Ecological Modeling (EM), Energy Studies Review (ESR), Environment and Development Economics (EDE), Environmental Science and Policy (ESP), Environmental Values (EV), Food Policy (FP),
Global Environmental Change (GEC), Journal of Agricultural Economics (JAE), Society and Natural Resources (SNR), Water Resources Research (WR).

Now if we look at the principal component analysis, and projection of the journals on the first two axis, we have

On that graph, it is hard to say anything… The only thing is see is that on the lower part, we have journals focusing on modeling issues.

The top of the most common words in those journals is the following,

> colnames(MATRICE[,1:32])
[1] "climate"       "analysis"      "environmental" "change"
[5] "energy"        "model"         "policy"        "case"
[9] "water"         "economic"      "management"    "food"
[13] "study"         "development"   "market"        "agricultural"
[17] "approach"      "effects"       "carbon"        "global"
[21] "impact"        "production"    "land"          "china"
[25] "assessment"    "forest"        "impacts"       "urban"
[29] "demand"        "spatial"       "emissions"     "modeling"

If we look at their projections on the first two axis, we have (it looks like the second axis has been inverted here)

i=or if we focus on the top 30

Now, if we look at clusters, and use a hierarchical model, we obtain

So here, a dozen journals are extremely close. They are more focusing on agricultural issues. Note that Energy Economics and Energy Policy are in the same cluster, but quite far away from Energy Journal (which looks strange). We can also observe that Climatic Change alone, far away from all the other journals (actually, it is a journal were I just got a paper accepted… and since my areas of research are quite far away from agricultural economics, I can understand that).