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  • Arthur Charpentier, Emmanuel Flachaire, Antoine Ly. Économétrie & Machine Learning. 2017. 〈hal-01568851〉
  • Arthur Charpentier, Baptiste Coulmont. We are not alone ! (at least, most of us). Homonymy in large scale social groups. 2017. 〈hal-01568038〉
  • Arthur Charpentier, Mathieu Pigeon. Macro vs. Micro Methods in Non-Life Claims Reserving (an Econometric Perspective). 2016. 〈hal-01280033〉
  • Arthur Charpentier, Arthur David, Romuald Elie. Optimal Claiming Strategies in Bonus Malus Systems and Implied Markov Chains. 2016. 〈hal-01326798〉
  • Amadou Diogo Barry, Arthur Charpentier, Karim Oualkacha. Quantile and Expectile Regression for random effects model. 2016. 〈hal-01421752〉
  • Arthur Charpentier, Ewen Gallic. Kernel density estimation based on Ripley’s correction. GeoInformatica, Springer Verlag, 2016, 20 (1), pp.95-116. 〈10.1007/s10707-015-0232-z〉. 〈halshs-01238499〉
  • Christophe Tavéra, Jean-Christophe Poutineau, Jean-Sébastien Pentecôte, Isabelle Cadoret-David, Arthur Charpentier, et al.. The "Mother of All Puzzles" at thirty: a meta-analysis. International Economics, Elsevier, 2015, 141, pp.80-96. 〈10.1016/j.inteco.2015.01.001〉. 〈halshs-01112088〉
  • Arthur Charpentier, Marilou Durand. Modeling earthquake dynamics. [Research Report] uqam. 2015. 〈hal-00871883v2〉
  • Arthur Charpentier, Marilou Durand. Modeling earthquake dynamics. Journal of Seismology, Springer Verlag, 2015, 19 (3), pp.721-739. 〈10.1007/s10950-015-9489-9〉. 〈halshs-01241841〉
  • Marco T. Bastos, Dan Mercea, Arthur Charpentier. Tents, Tweets, and Events: The Interplay Between Ongoing Protests and Social Media. Journal of Communication, Wiley, 2015, 65 (2), pp.320-350. 〈10.1111/jcom.12145〉. 〈halshs-01241882〉

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