Fondation SCOR, Fairness of predictive models: an application to insurance markets

The Scientific Council of the SCOR Foundation has decided to fund the research project “Fairness of predictive models: an application to insurance markets” until its anticipated completion date in three years (2023-2025). The project will be led by the University of Quebec and directed by Arthur Charpentier, professor in the mathematics department of the University of Quebec in Montreal. This project aims to propose corrections to the automatic artificial intelligence algorithms that can be used to determine the optimal pricing of individual policies in order to remove or limit the biases likely to generate inequities or even discrimination based on gender, race, religion, origin, etc. in the coverage offered by insurers or reinsurers to policyholders. The subject is of both theoretical (better control of black boxes constituted by models based on artificial intelligence algorithms) and practical (reduction of the risks of discrimination and inequity) interest. From this point of view, it is very topical for insurers and reinsurers facing major reputational challenges in the context of the growing importance of social networks. In addition to his role at the University of Quebec, Arthur Charpentier is a member of the Institute of Actuaries, internationally recognized expert in actuarial science, author of numerous academic articles published in renowned academic actuarial journals in both nationally and internationally.