Generalized Oversampling for Learning from Imbalanced datasets and Associated Theory

Our paper, Generalized Oversampling for Learning from Imbalanced datasets and Associated Theory, writen with Denys Pommeret and Sam Stocksieker, is now available ArXiv.

In supervised learning, it is quite frequent to be confronted with real imbalanced datasets. This situation leads to a learning difficulty for standard algorithms. Research and solutions in imbalanced learning have mainly focused on classification tasks. Despite its importance, very few solutions exist for imbalanced regression. In this paper, we propose a data augmentation procedure, the GOLIATH algorithm, based on kernel density estimates which can be used in classification and regression. This general approach encompasses two large families of synthetic oversampling: those based on perturbations, such as Gaussian Noise, and those based on interpolations, such as SMOTE. It also provides an explicit form of these machine learning algorithms and an expression of their conditional densities, in particular for SMOTE. New synthetic data generators are deduced. We apply GOLIATH in imbalanced regression combining such generator procedures with a wild-bootstrap resampling technique for the target values. We evaluate the performance of the GOLIATH algorithm in imbalanced regression situations. We empirically evaluate and compare our approach and demonstrate significant improvement over existing state-of-the-art techniques.