Exposé à Caen

Je serais en début de semaine à Caen pour un exposé sur “Understanding the Choice Negociated vs. Court Settlements in Bodily Injury Claim Compensations“, à partir de travaux en cours avec Enora Belz, Pierre-Yves Geoffard et Julien Tomas.

In car accidents, involving bodily injuries, a no-fault system has been instated in 1985, the so-called ‘loi Badinter‘. Following the accident (and after consolidation of victims injuries), the insurer of the driver of the car should offer a compensation to all victmims, that should cover health expenditures up to healing or recovery, as well as additional compensation for temporary incapacity, loss of professional earnings, temporary functional deficit, etc. The victim can either accept that compensation, or choose to go to court. Then a judge settles the claim, and the insurer has to pay for this compensation. Using the official data of AGIRA (association pour la gestion des informations sur le risque automobile), with more than 111,000 victims, injured between 1999 and 2014, we try to explain amounts obtained. The challenge here is that we only have to final settlement, and if the victim goes to court, the amount offered by the insurance company. Using Maddala (1983)’s limited dependent model, we model those two amounts, and then investigate the choice to go to court for a victim.