Somewehere else, part 124

Some writings worth reading,

Many of the new jobs today are in health care and education, where specialized training and study are required. Across the economy, a college degree is often demanded where a high school degree used to suffice. It’s now common for a fire chief to be expected to have a master’s degree, and to perform a broader variety of business-related tasks that were virtually unheard-of in earlier generations. All of these developments mean a disadvantage for people who don’t like formal education, even if they are otherwise very talented. It’s no surprise that current unemployment has been concentrated among those with lower education levels. There is also a special problem for some young men, namely those with especially restless temperaments. They aren’t always well-suited to the new class of service jobs, like greeting customers or taking care of the aged, which require much discipline or sometimes even a subordination of will.

see also “Clear Off the Table” …

  • nice dataviz on the front page of the NYT via @junkcharts … in January 1854

  • “There’s no way you’re going to get a quote from us…” (on Banksy’s book)

et un peu de lecture en français,

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