Off for a couple of days

This morning, the elder kids start at school a program called ten days with screens off. Since we do not have a TV, they were wondering what would it change for them. Because they start to spend some time on our computer at home, they’re not supposed to use it for the next ten days. And to be consistent, I have decided to follow their tracks. The problem is that I do not think I can survive at work working offline for ten days. But I want to try. At least, no more computer for the next two days (except Wednesday morning since I have my class). If possible three. No emails (can we survive in the academic world without an internet connection for two days?), and no more posts on the blog (and activities related to the comments) for the next days…  I’ll be back in … a few days (if I do not – finally – find my blogging activity useless and meaningless).