Dynamic flood modeling: combining Hurst and Gumbel’s approach

The paper (with David Sibai) on High Frequency models in hydrology just appeared, in Environmetrics.

When working on river floods—annual river levels maxima—, two approaches are usually considered: one inspired from Emil Gumbel where annual maxima are supposed to be i.i.d. and distributed according to Gumbel’s distribution, and one inspired from Edwin Hurst where annual maxima are strongly dependent, and exhibit long range memory. This paper tries to solve this apparent paradox by deriving a dynamic model inspired from financial models, which does not take into account annual maxima only but also threshold exceedances. It studies the implications of such a paradox in terms of return period—a notion valid as long as the data are i.i.d—and of extremal events.

Sales forecasting

Quelques heures de cours à l’ESC Rennes sur sur le thème Sales Forecasting. Les slides sont en ligne, avec la partie 1 et la partie 2 (j’ai aussi mis en ligne la base de données sur le trafic autoroutier). Parmi les contraintes techniques, il fallait utiliser Excel (exclusivement). Je mets donc des liens vers macro1 et macro2 qui sont des add-ins permettant de faire un peu de séries temporelles. Sinon un petit exemple est aussi disponible…

La partie 1 est

et la partie 2