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Assurances et véhicules autonomes

Lundi matin, j’interviendrai dans un séminaire organisé par Stève Bernardin, sur le thème  “assurances et véhicules autonomes”, avec comme autres participants Philippe Talleux, Romain Cros, David Zuby et Jonathan Charak. En guise d’introduction, je peux renvoyer vers deux articles que nous avions écrit avec Rodolphe Bigot, Repenser la responsabilité, et la causalité et surtout Quelle responsabilité pour les algorithmes ?

IRE (HEC) – CREEI Seminar, HEC Montréal, on Monday

This Monday, I will give a talk at the IRE (HEC) – CREEI Seminar, at HEC Montréal. I will have one hour to present our work, with Olivier Cabrignac and Ewen Gallic, on “Modeling Joint Lives within Families

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

New week, I will be in France for a few days. On Monday and Tuesday, I will be in Beaune, in Burgundy, at the first “Rencontres Mutualistes” (I will upload the slides of my talk soon). And on Wednesday, I will be in Paris, at ESCP Europe Business School. I will be giving a two hour lecture on “Big Data and Artificial Intelligence”, to use some buzzwords, as asked. More honestly, it will be on (new) data and (new) algorithms for predictive modeling. Slides are now online.