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Quantifying fairness and discrimination in predictive models 

In about ten days, late in the evening (Montréal time), I will attend the 16th Annual Conference of Thailand Econometric Society (on Machine Learning for Econometrics and Related Topics), at Chiang Mai University (มหาวิทยาลัยเชียงใหม่). I will give a talk (introductionary talk, at 21:30 pm, with the jet lag) on quantifying fairness and discrimination in predictive models (the state-of-the-art paper I will present is online on arXiv) and the slides are now also available (I won’t be able to go to Chiang Mai, unfortunately, and I will be on zoom).

The analysis of discrimination has long interested economists and lawyers. In recent years, the literature in computer science and machine learning has become interested in the subject, offering an interesting re-reading of the topic. These questions are the consequences of numerous criticisms of algorithms used to translate texts or to identify people in images. With the arrival of massive data, and the use of increasingly opaque algorithms, it is not surprising to have discriminatory algorithms, because it has become easy to have a proxy of a sensitive variable, by enriching the data indefinitely. According to Kranzberg (1986), “technology is neither good nor bad, nor is it neutral”, and therefore, “machine learning won’t give you anything like gender neutrality `for free’ that you didn’t explicitely ask for”, as claimed by Kearns et a. (2019). In this article, we will come back to the general context, for predictive models in classification. We will present the main concepts of fairness, called group fairness, based on independence between the sensitive variable and the prediction, possibly conditioned on this or that information. We will finish by going further, by presenting the concepts of individual fairness. Finally, we will see how to correct a potential discrimination, in order to guarantee that a model is more ethical

Infectious Disease Modeling Colloquium

Save the date: Infectious Disease Modeling Colloquium, at Université de Montréal, on Jan 27, 2023, organized by CRM & Fields Institute. For registration, fill out the form (in French or in English). If you are a student/postdoc and want to give a talk/poster, pls fill out the form/submit an abstract. Partial financial support is available. Thanks Bouchra Nasri for the organization ! Jacques Bélair, Morgan Craig, Hélène Guérin (and myself) will also be involved.

Assurance collaborative, théorie des graphes et actuariat

Mardi prochain, j’interviendrais (en visio) au colloque SCOR sur le thème “Actuariat, effets réseaux et théorie des graphes

Mes slides (on m’a demandé de parler sur le thème assurance collaborative, théorie des graphes et actuariat) sont en ligne, je présenterai notre papier Collaborative Insurance Sustainability and Network Structure, mais je peux en profiter pour mentionner d’autres articles, dont modéliser la contagion, ou les réseaux pour réinventer l’assurance?

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Versicherungs- und Finanzmathematik

Next week the Convention-A conference will take place, with more than 1000 participants, 200 sessions, and I was invited to give a talk in a Machine Learning session, organized by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Versicherungs- und Finanzmathematik on Tuesday. It will be based on the revised version of our paper a fair pricing model via adversarial learning. Slides are now available online.

Workshop on Impacts of Climate Change on Economics, Finance, and Insurance

Next week, I will be at the Fields Institute in Toronto, for a workshop on Impacts of Climate Change on Economics, Finance, and Insurance. The slides of my talks are now online. I will briefly get back on three papers, about insurance of natural catastrophes, starting with Insurance against Natural Catastrophes: Balancing Actuarial Fairness and Social Solidarity, written with Molly James and Laurence Barry, and Predicting Drought and Subsidence Risks in France, written with Molly James and Hani Ali, and finally, I will get back on a more recent paper, Government Intervention in Catastrophe Insurance Markets: A Reinforcement Learning Approach written with Menna Hassan and Nourhan Sakr.

Exposé sur l’équité en assurance, pour la chaire DIALog et CNP Assurances

Vendredi matin (juste avant mon cours, le premier de la session), je donnerai un exposé sur le thème “Assurance, biais, discrimination et équité“, en visio (web-coffee conference), pour la rentrée de la chaire DIALog (digital insurance and long term risk). Les slides sont en ligne. L’exposé sera largement inspiré du rapport Assurance, biais, discrimination et équité (Insurance, biaises, discrimination and fairness en anglais – la présentation sera en anglais).


Montréal AI Symposium 2022

In about ten days (Saturday afternoon), I will be presenting a poster on fairness, discrimination and insurance at the Montréal AI Symposium, based on our joint paper The Fairness of Machine Learning in Insurance: New Rags for an Old Man?, written with Laurence Barry. Since the paper was quite literary, I used material from the document Insurance: Discrimination, Biases & Fairness to get more a visual poster. Additional information will come while discussing…

This is a poster used at the conference