Somewhere else, part 85

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Don’t get me wrong, however, I don’t want to overly fetishize the task of coding, but in part, knowing to code makes you better able to think about and work with digital technology. Being able to code is, well, code for having a better facility with technology. And that, that my friends, is ultimately about being an effective citizen in our data driven, code-ridden, algorithm rhythm world. My answer to the Atlantic writer’s question of course is very different. I think all journalists need to code because an effective democracy depends on all citizens being able to understand and think about technology. This is not done from the sidelines. You have to get your hands dirty. You have to write some code. [to be continued…]

These studies confirm the common belief that good teachers can get bad evaluations: Teaching effectiveness, as measured by subsequent performance and career success, is negatively associated with student teaching evaluations. While one should be cautious in generalizing the conclusions because the two student populations might not be representative of students at large (or at least of Berkeley students), these are by far the best studies we know of. They are the only controlled, randomized experiments; they are from different continents and cultures; and their findings are concordant. [to be continued…]

et un peu de lecture en français,

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  1. Bonjour,

    Hormis les articles toujours pertinents que vous nous proposez, vous me faites découvrir beaucoup d’ebook en ce moment (sur ce somewhere else, c’est l’abondance !)très utiles. Donc merci à vous 🙂

    1. je vais rougir ! merci… cela dit, sur le ebook, je ne suis pas certain que tous soient là en toute légalité, et je suis peut-être un peu complice en mettant des liens, comme me l’avait fait noté un éditeur (j’utilise une forme polie, le courriel reçu ne l’était pas vraiment…). Cela dit, on s’en fout. Si un lien gêne quelqu’un, qu’il me le dise, et je le supprime !

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