Chapman & Hall/CRC Series in Actuarial Science

I am now part of the editorial team in charge of the Chapman & Hall/CRC Series in Actuarial Science, with Montserrat Guillén, Steven Haberman, Edward W. Frees (Jed) and Greg Taylor

The series provides a comprehensive and cutting-edge resource for professionals, academics, and students in the field of actuarial science. It aims to foster the exchange of knowledge, promote innovative research, and enhance the understanding of actuarial principles and practices. Contributions to the series will support one or more of the following key objectives.

  • Broad Coverage: This series covers a wide range of topics within actuarial science, including but not limited to life insurance, property and casualty (general) insurance, pension and retirement systems, health, and risk management.
  • Interdisciplinary Approach: We encourage contributions that bridge actuarial science with related fields such as statistics and probability, demography, finance and financial mathematics, insurance, economics, as well as data science, fostering a multidisciplinary perspective
  • Practical Insights: The series emphasizes practical applications, providing readers with real-world case studies, data analysis techniques, and modeling approaches used in actuarial practice.
  • Theoretical Advancements: We welcome contributions that advance the theoretical foundations of actuarial science, pushing the boundaries of knowledge and exploring emerging trends
  • Educational Resources: Our aim is to support actuarial education by offering textbooks that cater to both undergraduate and graduate students as well as professional education syllabi.
  • Global Perspective: We promote a global outlook by featuring works that address actuarial challenges and developments from diverse geographical regions and regulatory environments.
  • Innovation and Technology: As actuarial science evolves, we welcome works that explore the impact of emerging technologies on the profession, such as artificial intelligence and big data analytics.

The series is committed to upholding the highest standards of quality, rigor, and relevance. It seeks to be a valuable resource for practitioners seeking to enhance their skills, educators looking for comprehensive teaching materials, and researchers aiming to contribute to the advancement of actuarial science.

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