Insurance analytics: prediction, explainability and fairness (call for papers)

Call for papers: Insurance analytics: prediction, explainability and fairness –  special issue of the Annals of Actuarial Science. Submissions open 1 December 2022 and close 30 September 2023. With Kjersti Aas (Norwegian Computing Center & Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)), Ronald Richman (Old Mutual Insure & University of the Witwatersrand) and myself, serving as guest editors,

Scope of the special issue:
·        Methodological innovations in predictive analytics applied in insurance
·        Case studies of applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence within insurance
·        Methods for interpreting predictive models and designing inherently explainable models
·        Addressing discrimination and fairness considerations in insurance pricing and related applications
·        Algorithmic auditing and validation of predictive models in insurance
·        Software that enables the operationalisation of methods relating to the scope of the special issue
·        New developments with insurance applications in areas closely related to actuarial science

This special issue aims to capture leading academic thinking and industry applications in advanced insurance analytics. Submissions should demonstrate advances in at least one of the domains of predictive accuracy, explainable modelling and fairness. More…

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