Talk on climate models and insurance

Tomorrow morning, at 7 am, I will give a talk at the Actuarial Conference # 62 on climate models and insurance, getting back on two recent paper.

  • Flood, French’s Nat Cat System and Fairness

The first paper is Insurance against NaturalCatastrophes: Balancing Actuarial Fairness and Social Solidarity with Laurence Barry (PARI) and Molly James (EURIA)

Based on official risk areas (PPRL and PPRI)

we will investigate the prices of houses and apartments

and discuss connections between risk and wealth.

  • Subsidence and predictions

The second paper is Predicting Drought and SubsidenceRisks in France with Hani Ali (Willis Re) and Molly James (EURIA)

We did try several models to predict subsidence frequency

GLMs and also random forests

Then we got predictions for frequency, in 2017

and 2018

Then, we’ve been able to derive some risk maps

Here are predictions for costs for 2017

for 2019

and for 2020

I still wonder how to take into account climate change in this approach (except that we are more and more likely to be in the upper left corner – hot and dry)

  • Extensions (wildfires in Québec and RL)

Finally, I will (very briefly) discuss two recent works, the first one with Amirouche Benchallal (UQAM) and Yacine Bouroubi (Sherbrooke) on wildfire in Québec

and the second one, with Nouri Sakr (Columbia) and Mennatalla Mohamed Hassan (AmericanUniversity in Cairo) on government intervention in the context of natural catastrophes.

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