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At the Summer School of the Swiss Association of Actuaries, in Lausanne, following the part of Jean-Philippe Boucher (UQAM) on telematic data, I will start talking about pictures this Wednesday. Slides are available online

Ewen Gallic (AMSE) will present a tutorial on satellite pictures, and a simple classification problem, related to Alzeimher detection.

We will try to identify what is on the following pictures, starting with the car

(we will see that the car is indeed identified)

We will also discuss previous pictures from the summer school

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5 thoughts on “Insurance data science : Pictures”

    1. thanks Jan ! actually, with ‘image.darknet’ I could not find how to extract the identify the box… is it possible ? I know that one box is a person, but I want to plot the rectangle related to the box

      1. I currently haven’t yet returned the top/bottom/left/right locations from the C side to the R side. That still needs to be done.

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