On my way to Manizales (Colombia)

Next week, I will be in Manizales, Colombia, for the Third International Congress on Actuarial Science and Quantitative Finance. I will be giving a lecture on Wednesday with Jed Fress and Emilianos Valdez.

I will give my course on Algorithms for Predictive Modeling on Thursday morning (after Jed and Emil’s lectures). Unfortunately, my computer locked itself last week, and I could not unlock it (could not IT team at the university, who have the internal EFI password). So I will not be able to work further on the slides, so it will be based on the version as-at now (clearly in progress).


2 thoughts on “On my way to Manizales (Colombia)”

  1. Hello Arthur,
    I will be attending the congress and I´m looking forward to your lecture, however, I have just checked the congress´ schedule, and it appears as cancelled. Is it a mistake on the webpage? Has there been any changes to the programme?

    1. indeed Mario, I posted the slides yesterday evening, and this morning, I went to the airport and my flight to Miami was cancelled (for the longuest version, I learnt that the flight was canceled once I was at the gate – after security and US customs – and I got troubles re-entering in Canada with immigration). Since I had to return on Friday, the trip has been canceled, I am terribly sorry !

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