The U.S. Has Been At War 222 Out of 239 Years

This morning, I discovered an interesting statistic, “America Has Been At War 93% of the Time – 222 Out of 239 Years – Since 1776“,  i.e. the U.S. has only been at peace for less than 20 years total since its birth. I wanted to check, get a better understanding and look at other countries in the world.

As always, we can try to extract information from wikipedia, since there are pages dedicated to that information

download.file(url,destfile = "warUS.html")
download.file(url,destfile = "warFR.html")
download.file(url,destfile = "guerre.html")
download.file(url,destfile = "warCAN.html")

If we look at the US page, there are tables, so it should be easy to extract it. For instance,

Even if the war did last 1 day, we will say that the US were at war in 1811. The information we want to confirm can be “there were 21 full years – from Jan 1st till Dec 31st – where the US were not at war, once, during those years“. From the row above, we can claim that the US were at war in 1811. Most of the time, we have

I.e. there is a beginning (here 1775) and an end (1783). So here, the US are said to be at war in 1775, 1776, 1777, 1778, 1779, 1780, 1781, 1782, 1783. To extract the information, we look for regular expressions in the first column, with number, on 4 digits.

Well, sometimes it can be a bit tricky, since we have 3 dates, 1941, 1945 and (in the legend) 1944. But if we consider the minimal and the maximal dates, we have our range of dates.

Now that we we how to extract information, let’s do it. The code will be

#grep(pattern = dates2, x = col1[1])
for(j in 1:length(L))
if(length(L[[j]])==1) return_L[[j]]=as.numeric(L[[j]])
if(length(L[[j]])>=2) return_L[[j]]=seq(min(as.numeric(L[[j]])),max((as.numeric(L[[j]]))))

For the US, we get the following years

for(i in 1:length(tables)){

(red means at war, while green means no-war) and indeed,

> length(d)
[1] 222

there were 222 years with war.  Now, what about another country. Like France. Here I use the French wiki page, since information is not in tables in the English one.

for(i in 1:length(tables)){

On the same period of time (starting in 1775), France was also on war most of the time.

Less than the US, but still: 185 years with war,

> length(d[d>=1775])
[1] 185

And on a longer period of time? Why not start, say, around the Hundred Years’s War,

meaning that since 1337, there were (only) 174 years without a single war where France was involved.

Let’s try another one. Like Canada,

for(i in 1:length(tables)){

Guess what… there’s a lot of green on that graph. Surprised?

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175 thoughts on “The U.S. Has Been At War 222 Out of 239 Years”

  1. All so ridiculous when you think that the USA, who has been at war for 93% of its time as a nation may now be in a position to veto the Palistinian application for recognition as a full member of the UN. The charter clearly states that to be eligible the applicant must be a peace-loving nation…….so how the hell can the US have the audacity to even consider vetoing and maybe it should be expelled based on its peace-loving status!

    1. Your probably one of the most ignorant person I have seen comment on statistics. You cant possibly count how many years the U.S. has been involved in a war and make a broad statement that the U.S is not a peace loving nation. Your a liberal i presume right? Nothing wrong with that, I also vote Democrat from time to time, depending on numerous factors.

      To determine whether or not a country is a peace loving nation you look at their constitution, you know the one that says all Americans have the right to pursue happiness? Everyone was created equal? This same constitution that allows every American to worship whatever God or religion they choose without being persecuted? I would love to see you go over to Palestine with your liberal points of views and see how Hamas treats you. You wouldn’t make it a day in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, or any other country that worships Islam. Why? Because your an American that’s why. I feel sorry for you, i truly do. You have lived in a country that has kept its citizens safe for hundreds of years. You live in a country where you get to benefit from the freedoms she has to offer, pursue a career that you choose based on your own needs and wants, listen to whatever music you feel, speak out and protest against things you dislike without going to jail or being killed, and the list goes on and on.

      Its not because of men or women or whatever you want to call yourself, that America has the freedoms it has today- that’s for sure. If our country was full of cowards like yourself, Hitler would have rolled over this country a long time ago, hell, who knows we would still be under the thumb of British Kings most likely. The reason the ENTIRE world is not under some authoritarian rule is because America has stood up for values that are inherent to the health and welfare of civilization. Let me guess you wish America was a sociologist country or a communist nation? lol. Let me know how that has worked out since the beginning of time. You understand communism and socialism has murdered more people than any disease, war, global warming, etc. all added up and combined?

      If you think America is not as perfect of a country as there ever was, then what country would you consider the ultimate country where you would love to live? Please tell me. While your thinking, please tell me why you think you have it so bad here? Because last time I checked you were able to do whatever you wanted as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else.

      Please, I beg you, go to Palestine and see if you can change anything about them. Go help them out if you think you have all the answers. The funny thing is, you wont. You will stay on your computer in your mothers basement talking trash about America because you were too lazy to make something of yourself. The problem with you ultra woke liberals is, you blame everyone else because your not happy with your life. Rather than work hard, day in and day out, being a good person, and making sound financial decisions- you blame everyone else for your problems rather than looking in the mirror. Why is that? Why do you act like a victim?

      You literally have nothing to worry about in this country compared to the rest of the nations in the world. Hell, you never had to serve your country for a day, let alone go to war or even see what war looks like because America only asks for those who want to volunteer to serve their country unlike other countries that make you serve. Palestine being in the UN? lol. That’s the funniest thing i ever heard. Seriously. You truly believe Palestine should be in the UN? You do understand Hamas runs the country right? Hamas just raped women and children. Hamas just invaded a free country and committed thousands of hate crimes and crimes against humanity. Hamas just raided a country and Hamas was unprovoked. They stormed innocent HUMANS houses and raped women as they made their husbands watch, Hamas chopped off peoples heads as their mothers watched their Childs lifeless body hit the floor. You understand that Hamas forcibly raped these Israeli women so hard that they found hundreds of women with shattered pelvis’? That is peace loving huh? You honestly believe these type of animals, pigs, and cowards deserve to have a seat at the table with countries like the US? gtfoh bro. Once Palestinians fight back and kill all of Hamas, then and only then should they even be considered to have a remote chance of joining any UN, NATO, or any other allegiance such as those. Palestine doesn’t deserve to have any power or legitimacy as long as Hamas rules the country. If innocent Palestinians cant fight Hamas themselves and have to rely on Israeli’s to fight and kill Hamas, then that is all the evidence you need that Palestine doesn’t deserve to be anywhere near the UN or NATO.

      America fought for its independence against an authoritarian regime, the UK. Thousands of people died fighting for what they believed in. They wanted a country where they could have freedoms not offered anywhere else, and guess what? they fought and died for it. Since America was founded in 1776, they have been on the right side of every war to help preserve humanity. Sorry your a coward and are whining because Palestine isnt allowed to have legitamacy by seating at the same table as other UN or NATO countries, which you just ragged on and insulted anyhow. So, if America is so bad why are you crying about them not allowing Palestine into the UN?

      If America is so bad, please tell me why 10s of millions of people are storming the southern and northern borders to sneak into this country? I mean, we have received millions of people from all over the world. More people want to move to the USA than any other country in the world. I dont see people running and storming the borders of China or Russia, Iran, etc. why do you think this is genius?

      1. Ease off the corn syrup moron, next time instead of dropping common US propaganda talking points you start becoming aware of the situation of people’s lives other than your own I’m guessing it’s your rich privilege thinking it’s all so simple that they said all people are equal while still maintaining slaves. Copying the iroquis’ government system then proceeding to culturally massacre them seconds after. What next? The tiktok ban is actually for us? Not for israel and the fact that everyone’s not listening to American controlled media anymore. Millions have cried out against America empire even before it’s conception for hundreds of years, but I get it if you want to maintain your keep slurping that sweet swert corn syrup, just next time you want to numb your brain again and watch Star Wars, the matrix or whatever you might start to realise they’re talking about America this whole time.

  2. This is very nice and this article is very helpful for everyone. I like it very much please keep doing this amazing work.

    1. America has not taken on a nation its size and importance. So they could afford to be at war those many times

      1. Go take a look at the current national debt of the United states and reconsider your opinion that they could “afford” it. Debt and actual capital are very different things, but the US government seems to have blurred the line between those two so much that they are now one in the same.

        1. Money not backed by the gold standard is just what we all agree it is worth. There’s not enough physical actual real money to pay back all the bank loans Americans have. It would be impossible to have everyone pay their loans off in the same week, because banks and govt rely on fake digital money. Just because it’s on a screen we accept it as real. When a bank loans money they don’t physically give you the money they move numbers on a computer and boom the money is there. There’s actually what time when the bank tried to collect collateral and take this guy’s house because they loaned him money and he didn’t pay and he sued the bank and won claiming that the bank never gave him the money that he never physically saw the money so therefore how could they take what they never gave him and he won somehow . You’re right and basically we fucked ourselves the second we went away from the gold standard.

        2. “Both parties” in the US pretend that the national debt of the United States is equivalent to any other kind of debt, whether it be household, corporate, or a state or local government. They do this because they are not political parties as we think of them. They are corporate subsidiaries of the global kleptocracy which uses them to put on a puppet show to provide voters with the illusion of choice. A close and objective look at the history of the federal “debt ceiling,” an institution shared only with Holland, reveals it to be a tool for profiting that kleptocracy at the expense of everyone else, transferring wealth upwards into their hands, depressing wages, causing unnecessary homelessness, poverty, and death. Observe that deficits are never viewed as a problem if they increase military spending or reduce taxes on the rich, and the austerity budgets they facilitate reduce allocations only for programs that help the most vulnerable survive. This is their cruel intent. The victims of this cruelty are blamed for being “fiscally irresponsible” for resisting this policy, while the lie of “trickle-down” defends tax breaks for the rich. To see how this strategy has worked so well for the kleptocrats, see

          1. Thankyou sir for explaining that so well, quite an eye opener. I definitely don’t trust our Gov. and the politicians, they work for us, we the people..but somehow the money always end up in their greedy little criminal hands. And speaking of criminals, most are..again and again with a pat on the hand and a don’t do it again, if you do..and they will.. don’t get caught..and they will. On goes the deception. Their only in gov. for the status quo and money be it from their pay, which I feel their way overpaid for the shabby work they put out. However they make up for it by insider trading, bribes and blackmail, the list goes on. If caught it’s usually swept under the table, rarely do they go to jail, rarely looses their jobs or pensions. And they don’t seem to care that we know their liars, thieves, pedophiles, dui’s, they sell gov. information. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I know the article is about wars we fought. But this is a war within our own country..Government vs we the people. Can you guess who’s winning? P.S. loved your artical!

      2. Our economy is fully based around military function. The US since 1776 to present day has been a war for 226 years or our country’s 246 years of existence! So when not at war our military complex has to be sufficient on its own. Like say now the f-35 program and programs like the F-15s, all F-18 variants, F-16, and even F-35s programs are extremely profitable now. I think the tanks values gone way down but artillery and long-range cruise missiles and other missiles that are long-range are becoming far more affordable so that there is a decreased risk of carpet bombing which is just randomly hitting people that were not intended targets.

        1. Sorry, it is my revised version of the comment which I sent for your perusal, would please supersede the prior one and put forward this comment instead. Thank you.

          Counting from the Bing Bang – up until now, our world has never seen a bully like the USA. Not a single country in the whole world is left untouched! Before President Nixon started Fiat money in 1971, they had done extreme damage to Europe. After 2nd World War, the USA enticed and bullied if necessary to put all their Gold in America’s hands by promising any of these countries could return their gold some 30+ dollars per ounce (or gram..? ).
          But when they (Europeans) went to get their gold, the USA declined to honor their written & verbal word of Honour, claiming much more (if I remember correctly, it was around $200+.

          So, the USA has never been an ally to a single country in the world, not ever!

          Here we got out of 239 years only 20 years without war, I found a statement from another research that this period is 12 years only.

          We are grateful to the writer for publishing this Valuable Research.

          Thank you very much indeed!

          Another research claims the USA up until now has been involved in 228 years of war which left about 11/12 years of noninvolvement in war.

  3. Canadians wouldn’t have to fight American troops– just sit on thee border until you finish killing yourselves.

    1. According to your parameters, the Russian Revolution/Civil War is blanketed as a time duration the place the United States was once “at war”. This is an embarrassing submit and you must be ashamed for performing like it is some coherent analysis.

      1. During the Russian Revolution we were at war in Cuba, so I don’t see what your point is, those years should count. The point of the survey is to show the pervasive nature of perpetual intervention and culture of war fighting that there is in our country.

      2. Your constructive criticism is no longer constructive as you beat your fellow scholar down. You seem very arrogant like you know everything.

      3. No. The US was there in the Russian civil war with troops and they wanted to defeat the reds and divide up the country. Get real and know your history before you Profcyma Global write declaring foul.

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  7. The us was involved in the the russian civil war, helping the “whites” (nationalists) with weapons, training and direct military intervention. Your ignorance is an embarrassment for you and me.

    1. Helping with a war is different than being at war with another country. THAT would take away from the 17 years or so that America has NOT been at war. Are you snarky and arrogant in real life also, or is this just your “kick the dog after a bad day” reaction? Hmmm…I guess you raised a subject that I know NOTHING about, so I will research it on Google…so thanks for that! (Not being sarcastic or disingenuous.)

      1. Technically they have not been at war since WW2 surely. They haven’t declared war on another country.
        Just invade to pillage and engineer regime change.

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  10. According to your parameters, the Russian Revolution/Civil War is included as a time period where the United States was “at war”. This is an embarrassing post and you should be ashamed for acting like it is some coherent analysis.

    1. Maybe you should read something sometime. Here’s a brief thing from Wikipedia:

      “This was seen when American troops, specifically the 339th Infantry Regiment, found themselves in routine engagements with Bolshevik forces in an effort to support Russian revolutionaries.
      “Following Wilson’s decision, the 339th Infantry Regiment was mobilized and sent to Archangel, with a brief stop in England. Under British leadership, Generals F.C. Poole and Edmund Ironside, the 339th was tasked with operations on a railroad between Archangel and Lake Onega, including surrounding towns. The allied contingent found little success as fronts were stretched so wide that lines of communications and supply were difficult to procure. Before American forces withdrew from Archangel on June 7, 1919, 222 soldiers of its 5,000 man force were killed.”

    1. Actually The U.S. was at War with Britain and British North America. And as much as Canadians would love to lay claim to this idea of winning a war against the U.S. lets look at some educated facts from history.

      1. Like the American Revolution war all hostilities were between the United States and the Kingdom of Great Britain in the war of 1812. Canada was an Indian name. The official title of Canada in 1812 was British North America.

      2. All British units in the war of 1812 were from England. British Red Coats. Lets remember again the Loyalists or what we would call “Canadians” today did not want to fight during the American Revolution and moved North to British North America. History also shows again they did not fight during the war of 1812. Unless you count indians who fought on both sides.

      3. Canadians did not burn down the white house. A british dragoon regiment did and the 7th british foot of infantry did. Again all from England. Look it up.

      4. Lastly Canada has not contributed much to the world and Compared to my United States is minor and not even worth mentioning in this comment. My question to Canadians would be….. want to fight the United States today. We know the outcome dont we Canada. Sit down and keep quiet.

      1. Considering the United States lost in places like Vietnam, and never did win in Afghanistan. Canada would do pretty well.

        1. How old are you.? 12? Listen sonny you know not a damn thing about Vietnam.The military had a huge kill ratio. lost 58,000 to their 1.1 million dead. Politics would not let them go any further. Not the fault of the military. Your military is very small because you know the USA will protect you if you got invaded. Its not even worth saying anything more. You are just uneducated and ignorant.

          1. Kill ratio is irrelevant especially as the numbers during that war were largely made up to satisfy government. The US roundly lost that war and always were going to because no matter how much fire power you bring to the table its the man on the ground who carries the day and the Vietcong were simply better and absorbed losses better. 10,000 days fighting and effectively kicked out of the country very unceremoniously.

          2. Last people I would want protecting me would be America. Useless at war you haven’t won a war since 1946. I wouldn’t call Iraq a victory more like a fuckup. if the war was fought on Canadian soil they would win, guerilla armies on home soil nearly always win.

          3. You know nothing about Vietnam, you underestimated them,. You there looked around and thought “God, this place is backward”. You were wrong, what you mistook backward for was innovation. The Vietnamese people are tough, resilient, hard working and incredibly innovative. if you had thought ” these people are all of the above, they will be a formidable enemy”. But you made a basic military blunder you underestimated your enemy, that’s because you are ignorant Yanks and fulla shit and you are soft and scared of your own shadows. Your military prowess is only in the scrambled egg mess between your ears.

          4. 🤔….In short Peter Robert Ashley is seconding Ryan’s motion of how unhealthy it is to live in this fictional reality where Canadians are the least intimidating sissies Or memorable for ANYTHING other than hiding from conflict and maybe having the most feminine notorious serial killer who only killed one person but your country is just that lame that they factored r he cats in earning him the undeserved title of SERIAL killer 🙄. Let’s be honest, the only thing your country has contributed to this world since it’s birth is Ryan Reynolds and I haven’t seen him in anything for years which might be saying something about the work ethic of you hockey loving mounty bastards, would make sense considering your descends of the frenchys 🤗.

            Shit talking is an art form here in the states, that was equivalent to 3rd grade level, don’t make me get ivy league on your ass, not to mention unlike you internet tough guys I can back it up honey 😘.

            Speaking of which addressing the two maple leaf sporting panzys Peter and Alan, if you were to disrespect my countries veterans in my presence I can promise you wished you wouldn’t! I put it on MY CHILDREN that I wouldn’t hesitate, win, lose, or draw to start whaling on whichever one of you sissy was closest and could give a damn if there’s two of you or 50…

            Now that we got that out of the way Let’s address what’s in that bagged milk your drinking up their thats making you so brain dead that your really believe you’re narrow minded school girl insults without any justification whatsoever constitutes anything resembling a debate or having the knowledge or brain compacity to make even one valid point.

            So much ignorance I don’t know where to start dissecting first 🙄. So the kill ratio doesn’t count you say!? Okay let’s look past the casualty statistics for a minute….

            ( and ignore the fact that despite not having home field advantage is a tremendous disadvantage, our guys being attacked from all sides, and that eastern super powers China and Russia supplemented Vietnam with weapons, supplies, and advisers throughout the war, the U.S. Still managed to LITTERALY TAKE OUT 20 TIMES THE CASUALTIES THAN THEY DID!) What about the fact that they won most of the battles fighting a new kind of war where they didn’t even see their enemy a lot of the time.

            In case I need to slow down the bus for you popsicle brains, what I’m trying to say is they were winning! Why didnt the U.S. succeed in taking Vietnam!? It’s not up for debate, there’s only one answer and it’s far from having anythingto do with the brain dead remarks you idiots made.

            Even though we were winning, the U.S. government was under extreme pressure by the public to end the war. For the most part by sissy liberals such as yourselfs.. Since they were your kind of people (libtards) in a way you could almost say it was partially your fault 🤷.

            As far as your country defending itself, you obviously haven’t educated yourself on your countrys military numbers, good luck with your massive force of 23,ooo soldiers that I could imagine their poor training in comparison to the U.S. Forces of almost 2 million who as the articles whole purpose clearly displays has been around the block a little more than you guys to say the least 🤣🤣🤣🤣

          5. Are you defending the purpose and US attrocities of Vietnam War? (Obviously, I am not saying the Vietnamese didnt commit attrocities back at you, so dont even go there) Love all old americans praising ‘Naam, WTF??!

          6. Yeah, but most of the dead were civilians, killed from being bombed.
            And doctrine in country was that anyone who ran was a VC.
            And people who were there and wrote truthfully tell of U.S. soldiers going crazy and massacring villages, and since one body is good as another they invariably counted as VC when as likely as not they were just innocent people just trying to live in the border between two warring sides who got caught in the middle.
            The fact is the U.S. had 20 years and didn’t win. When you think about the resources poured in versus what the N. Vietnamese had that was a hell of a goddamn loss.

          1. By evaluating the size of the adversary to the US of whether there would exist characteristics of honor or heraldry could maybe be as absent from logic as debating the necessity of an exterminator for bed bugs in your house. I would be more concerned about previous historical accounts of where the awareness of an evil become recognized and not not responded to . Evil comes in many forms but most certainly will grow in size if ignored . Whether to act on or not is not left to the lowest ranks for debate , figuratively speaking.

        1. 🤔…. Kyle I could be wrong but I think what Ryan is trying to say is you Kanooks have a long history of being pu*****, it’s not just a recent thing…. I mean your country’s most infamous serial killer and badass is Luka Magnotta, who’s notoriety is mostly credited for Killing cats 😹

          1. Bobby, dude. I am a American born and bred. Please kindly shut the hell up. You are embarrassing our country, as if it needs any further embarrassment.

            To all Canadians here, I apologize that my country has created so many nutcases and kooks who think patriotism is insulting everyone else and waving a flag. Anyone who tells vets “thank you for your service” while letting them die homeless on the streets does not deserve respect. The way we treat warfare and the people we force into conflict is our deep shame and it is mostly due to ignorant braggarts like Bobby Fisher who don’t know the difference between honest patriotism and egocentric nationalism.

      2. No, most Canadians don’t care about the War of 1812. Your childish rant on the uselessness of Canada reminds me of your. current President.
        Yes, America has done so much more than Canada. For example, overthrowing the democratically elected government of Iran, eventually leading to the current mess in that country, and lying your way into a war with Iraq.
        Congratulations, you are so accomplished.

      3. Haha! Canada has contributed immensely to the world, punching way above its weight in a non-militaristic sense.

        If war is your only measure of a country’s contribution, then you are correct.

        But how about Basketball, insulin, maple syrup, peacekeeping duties and negotiations, and countless other inventions and contributions that dont include killing people?

      4. Hello Ryan, I would like to make a comment on point #4.
        Imagine the world if your, or as you say it ” My United States” actually didn’t interfeer in world affairs?
        Imagine the millions of people that would be alive now if it weren’t for the war mongering US.
        Just this century the United States has murdered under the guise of “war” hundreds of thousands of innocent people in Iraq and Afghanistan.

        Take a look at US soldier Ethan McCords account of the WikiLeaks’ Collateral Murder.

        America’s contrabution to the world is, Death and Distructon.

        US presidents habitualy lie to the world, yes lie because of incompentant American doctrine. You just make shit up.

        9/11 prime example, a bunch of of men from a allied / friendly country crashes a plane, which in turn makes the US look stupid.
        I know, America says, we can’t look stupid…
        let’s invade, Well…….Afganstan (hey a bunch of sand munching goat herders) let’s take them on, after all we are the most Technologly advanced war machine the world has ever seen, what could they possibly do to us?”my United States” as you say.
        (kick your ASS. That’s what!) So what does the Embarrased USA do know? They say to them-selves hey guys the Afghan war is not going to good! We need to have a win somewhere? mmm What shall we do? mmm let’s invade Iraq? mmm the world won’t let us do that without a reason. Mmm…….
        Well, what shall we do???? mmm?

        I know let’s “Make shit up!”

        Yes the USA “my United States) just make shit up, (WMD)then believe in the shit you made up (WMD) and then try convince the rest of the world that because a country has WMD’S
        and they attacked us or something? we “My United States”… (well, feel the need to blow shit up again) let’s invade. Iraq. Yep Iraq’s the one…ooh yeah that’s right they have WMD or something?
        Awesome look at that, the US says we can justify another war!

        Do you see the trend. America’s answer when they don’t like something..lets have a war.

        When is the dumbest country on earth going to realise how stupid you make yourself look to the rest of the world?
        You simply can’t win wars. Give up! leave the world alone.

        WW1 and WW2 you were just on the winning side. Entering a war half way through or turning up at the end dosent count. To your country’s credit you do win when you haven’t started it.
        Remember, don’t start something you can’t finish or at the very least have a plan for.

        Cheers Scott.
        p.s please don’t try and justify your country’s reasons. The list of facts against you will embarrass you more.

        1. It’s amazing how full of shit you are

          And you want to speak about the world wars all right it’s amazing that the only reason Europe and Russia still exist is because the United States basically financed your asses during the entire war, and we rebuilt Europe’s entire economy after world war II.

          And you show your ignorance when you sit there and say allied country crashes a plane on 9/11. It was a terrorist attack that crashed four separate planes, and it was Iraq that was hiding the terrorist. But you go ahead and believe whatever bullshit you want, but when it comes down to it every fucking country turns to the United States when they want help financially or military-wise and that’s a fucking fact!!

          1. Robert. This really just proves how stupid and brainwashed Americans actually are. America never financed jack in regards to the British war effort. The clue is in the term lend-lease but I’m sure you have no idea what that is. For your information Britain only finished paying off the war debts you held over us on the 1980’s. And American ships were offloading military goods to German ports right up to and even after pearl harbour.

          2. If there are terrorists, it is americans. If there is a terrorism breeder it is US. You are a fucked up sucker who either knows nothing or prefers to know nothing. It is easier for you to support your country’s evil than oppose or question it . Oneday you and your country will pay for the crimes you committed. For the wealth you have stolen . For the destruction you wreaked. We mesopatamians civilized you outwardly . But inwardly you are still the savages , the bloodthirsty monsters you always were. Without us mesopatamians and muslims and the things our ancestors have contributed to the world during the golden age of islam , you would be nothing but cavemen today . We enlightened your benighted europe .and it is we who gonna extinguish your light again. Be sure of that.

      5. 🤔…. Kyle I could be wrong but I think what Ryan is trying to say is you Kanooks have a long history of being pu*****, it’s not just a recent thing…. I mean your country’s most infamous serial killer and badass is Luka Magnotta, who’s notoriety is mostly credited for Killing cats 😹

        1. You may want to read up on Canadian troops’ performance in a couple of conflicts in the 20th Century, dumbass.

      6. Canadians wouldn’t have to fight American troops– just sit on thee border until you finish killing yourselves.

      7. Poor little triggered American. The pathetic country that hasn’t won a war in decades. You couldn’t beat Afghanistan. You got destroyed by Vietnam. Could barely hold out to make a ceasefire in Korea. And you think you have even the remotest chance against a developed country such as Canada.

        America tried to invade Canada, failed completely, and ended the war with zero land captured. Very clearly Canada kicked your ass in the war of 1812. But if pretending that your country has ever achieved anything militarily helps you sleep at night, I’m not going to tell you to end your delusions. Ignorance is bliss, stay happy!

    2. Technically canada was just another English colony and had zero independence and zero government of its own so technically america was at war with England not Canada

  11. Pingback: Peace | FTGOG
    1. Counting one day with a military engagement over a 365 day period as a ‘year’ at war? This is bias in the extreme. A rational thinking person cannot agree with this 100% – what does that tell you?

      1. Bias, oh, no room for such.
        Fact is fact. The most ultra aggressive country ever on planet earth.

  12. Newsflash: Russia has been at war for the same amount of time during our nation’s history.

  13. Newsflash: “We” are animals! “We” think we’re above animals, but truth be told, if our plush existence were to crumble… we’d go right back to fight, kill, steal to survive. Just as the dumbass cats in my backyard, at night or the countless wildlife videos of animals fighting. One stray dog may approach you and roll over for a rub? One may run? Or the other may attack? Are “we” any different? Not really…

    1. I fully agree with you that WE are animals and WE will kill steal and do a number of horrible things not only to survive but for Control and POWER BUT l don’t agree with calling the poor cats in your backyard “Dumbass”they are loving creatures giving the chance and they are just trying to survive like ALL of us.

      1. WE ARE ANIMALS? I have never been at war or killed anyone. You may claim to be responsible for what government does but not me. They don’t ask me or listen to me so it’s not my fault.

      2. Exactly correct.
        Felines are superior to dogs
        What resulted in the plague was mans mindless act of destroying cats .. The same cats that are designed to kill rata.
        The plague was the ultimate result of that.

        Ancient Egyptians knew the value f cats.
        certainly more intelligent than the majority of the current population

  14. I just wanted to thank you again for your amazing website you have designed here.
    It really is full of useful tips for those who are seriously interested in this specific subject, particularly this very post.

  15. There never was a time where the Indians numbered 160 most there was never more than 8 million indians.dumbass

    1. Regardless 160 or 8 million, this country has done a near genocide on Native Americans. Cheated them out of land, broken every treaty ever made with them, brought all sorts of diseases from Europe to them and still do this day & age treat them like second class citizens. If all of this is something to be proud of than God help this so called greatest country!

      1. There was no genocide against indians. A lot of indians have died, but mexico is all indians. They are just mixed over time with white genetics from spain, but that’s where the indians are, in central and south america, mixed in with other races, not extinct.

        1. Does that mean the holocaust wasn’t a genocide because there are still Jews living today?
          Or the Armenian genocide wasn’t a genocide because there are still Armenians?
          Or the Rwandan genocide wasn’t a genocide because there are still tutsis in Rwanda?
          Does a genocide have to be complete to deserve the name?

          1. Or the Reagan Revolution wasn’t a genocide because there are still Marxist Democrats?

          2. Bartholomew. You cannot argue with people like this sadly. And to be proud of the fact that your nation managed to kill millions of indigenous people. To the point that they’re all now in Mexico is just plain sad. And it shows the level of idiocy in America

      2. They did do messed up stuff to native American and Indians but worse was done to black people and still happening, what about Mexican Indians or Alaskan Indians so many non white races have been and still is being put down as less than the white power. America was made by white men seeking white power over the world. What will we call America after it blows up the rest of the world with this white power crap. America is trying to take over the world and wipe out any race that is not white even if it means they have to kill some white people to achieve this goal. It’s so obvious to see. Look at all the wars America has been causing seriously look.

        1. How do you figure worse was done to blacks over Indians!?they basically got their entire race wiped out by mass genicide yet even though if lf anyone had a good reason to be pissed off and butch it would be them but they don’t. Instead the only ones bitching is blacks for oppression they never endured nor did I or anyone in my generation inflict! Only blatant racism I ever witnessed growing up was against whites and that’s all it is, blacks are just trying to take attention off the real racial violence epidemic and their spineless, weak, and gulable liberal whites ducking their ass are just subconsciously content with going along with the ongoing fiction the liberal media has laid out for them because the alternative would require showing a backbone! Pathetic

          Let’s go ahead and buy into the fbis racial violence statistics did a complete turnaround a few years back after trey on Martin and that started this bogus narrative driven propaganda are accurate for a second. What would you say is more important than the number of violent attacks and murders???!

          Who were the victims as in what category classification do they fall in to? How many black children under the age of 12 were murdered by a white assailant? How many teens? How many little black girls and black elderly woman were GANG RAPED AND MURDERED IN A SADISTIC WAY LIKE BURNING TO DEATH AR THE HANDS OF A WHITE PERSON WITHIN A YEAR!? You look that up and get back to me with some more of that b.s. BLM B.S and we can compare notes because although most of us prevledged white folks (including babies and elderlyly) don’t make national news when they ACTUALLY fall victim to a gruesome race crime, I have the statistics, stories, names, details, and it’s sickening and then to add insult to injury Google admits to burying these stories when the victim is white as I ft they never exsisted. There’s no fucking white supremacists, at best the word your looking for is nationalist not supremacist. Difference being nationalists just want to be left alone and are tired of a country where their kids mean less than everyone else and than to spit in their face minorities claim the opposite! You’re creating racism that otherwise wouldn’t have been there

    2. They were 100% of the population now they are 1.6%, sure looks like genocide to me. Especially since many whites today are crying about white genocide while being the majority of the population. Crying about immigration from South America because the natives are migrating like they always have. White genocide is not a replacement of the white race it’s just natives reclaiming their right to migrate anywhere in their own homeland. Colonial genocide was real and claimed the land of others, a discovery of lands already occupied.. So learn history, even the Romans were eventually forced back into their own native lands, nothing last forever.

  16. Except that Canada wasn’t confederated from Britain until 1867. Most of the green on your graph for Canada is before their confederation. If you consider Canada’s involvement in the War of 1812 as a British Colony, then there should be more red than what is shown. Either way it’s inaccurate.

  17. “It has been calculated that in the last 3,500 years, there have been just 230 years of peace throughout the civilized world”

    If that statement is as accurate as your data and algorithm, then it would appear that war is humanity’s norm. A sad commentary on humanity for sure, but if the U.S. and other “warmongering” countries were more like Switzerland for example, we all might be speaking German now, those of us whose ancestors hadn’t been exterminated that is.

    1. Now, what does it say about the US, since we‘re not all talking German, but English, nowadays?

      1. Except that English is not spoken in the US. I’d rather speak and listen to German than to the mangled “English” spoken in the US.

        1. English is spoken in the US it simply isn’t the version used in the modern UK but is closer to the language and indeed phonetic spellings used by the first settlers who were largely illiterate.

    2. If we were all peaceful than Germany would of not conquered other European nations. Also the Germans did not force all of their territory’s to learn German.

    3. Not likely. The vast majority of U.S. citizens were incapable of learning the metric system, a second language would be completely out of the question.

      1. The U.S. Auto industry was Metric over 50 years ago.
        Most bolts on the automobile are metric, check it out..
        All the component designs from Ford, Chrysler, GM are in Metric
        The USA committed to the metric system in 1875 by signing an international agreement.
        Signed by M. Ashbourne the U.S. Envoy to France
        All its units have been defined to the metric standard since then
        The Metric system is the official and preferred measuring system in the USA for Trade and Commerce.

        §205b clause (1) states:
        To designate the metric system of measurement as the preferred system of weights and measures for the United States Trade and Commerce.

        Since 1994 both Metric and US customary units have been required to be shown on labels and packaging.

        The US currency is the Metric system, and it is that because the metric system for currency has been made compulsory.
        The reason why people ‘Domestically in General use the modified Imperial system is that it has not been made compulsory for common domestic use, Only one state in the US uses Metric for distance Measurement i.e Km. and not Miles.
        Interstate 19 from Nogales to Tucson in AZ is measured and noticed in Km.
        The ONLY U.S. Highway to have Metric Road signs.

        International trade would be difficult with different measurement standards, which is why the Metric System is the international system for weights and measures, including the USA.

        in 1975 the U.S. passed the Metric Conversion act.
        P.O BOX 7700
        Washington D.C. 20044

        With the volume and weight of food, ONLY Metric measurements are to be labeled.
        People are intuitive by nature and can see what the volume is and what weight
        something is, and become accustomed to it very quickly.
        Converting from one to the other causes a mental problem.

    4. Switzerland has four official languages…. I won’t insult you by stating them, I’m sure as an intelligent Human Being you can work them out “

    1. And Britain has attacked 95% of the entire world uninvited and France is right behind them . Gotta love that sickening Foreign policy . The liberal killing war machines .

      1. Are you saying that there are countries that have asked to be invaded??? Wacky creature if you are. And your post isn’t backed up by figures, so not very intellectual at all. And it doesn’t take away the truth that the US is the most violent country in world history. You killed 160 MILLION of the indigenous peoples to create your “land of the free”. And I ain’t no liberal, just better educated than you.

        1. Any fool can throw out figures, especially wrong like Trump does all the time, please supply situation

      2. Look up the definition of liberal, it’s completely contrary to war. God, guns and glory are what lead to war, and that is the mantra of conservatives and republicans.

        1. Oh Porter? Wasn’t it the liberals who wailed at the mere thought of Trump pulling out of Syria? And most liberals wanted more military there to push Turkey back. How times have changed! Trump wants to end all US bloodshed around the world and not send our young men & women to die and lose limbs over countries half way across the world. Of which we “really don’t” have a national interest the warmongers use as an excuse. Remember “weapons of mass destruction”? Or any other number of excuses the CIA/military industrial complex gives us to go kill

  18. All these USA wars will lead into a big war in which the entire world will blot out the American motherfckerz off the planet once and forever … your javascript code has spilt out in my phone’s mozilla browser

    1. Those British slavemasters Have attacked 95% of the entire world uninvited and France is right behind them . Tbe world is sickened by them . Gotta love that sickening Foreign policy . The liberal killing war machines .

      1. Why post an identical rant again? You should carry out research and come back with the proof.

    2. I’m dying laughing right now guess who occupied and and invaded America for most of those wars you claim ?? Great Britain you guessed it LMAO . They enslaved our people here we will never ever forget . Those British slavemasters Have attacked 95% of the entire world uninvited and France is right behind them . Tbe world is sickened by them . Gotta love that sickening Foreign policy . The liberal killing war machines .

      1. And how many people have the so called Americans cheated and enslaved. You are all the same like father like son. Didn’t you American come from Britain. U talk like you need a brain

    3. France is disgusting still till this day they enslave – Occupy Nigeria and many other nations . They have to ask for their own money from those swines . Nasty !

    4. Yeah sure. More than half the wars the us got involved in was because they were ASKED to bail another country out. Imagine if the US didn’t save half the shit holes it defends

  19. At the age of 51 My Generation didn’t have Constitution or law or humanrights tot. It may have been something we brushed over quickly. it took quite an Awakening for me to dive in the Constitution lock horses on Hillsdale College but I have. This country is so far off course it’s ridiculous.

  20. This is an amazing bit of research. What is even more important is that the majority of these actions were not defensive in nature but imperialist whether they were domestic or international. Our concept of “manifest destiny “.seems to be alive and well.

  21. I like your research, but I would interject that just using the “Indian Wars” as a benchmark, the US was consistently at war until 1890 with the Apache conquests and up until the wounded knee massacre. Plus all of the clandestine “dark ops” and meddling of the CIA and other government agencies probably would knock the at war percentage to close to 100%.

    1. I was born in 1956, and I haven’t known a real time of peace. Sure makes me very sad. I wish I had the power that comes from money to make sure that this world , the people, realise WE have ONE WORLD, ONE CHANCE! We are more alike, than we are different. Oh, yeah, all the riches in world won’t save your sorry rich ass! You can’t buy your way out of this story.

      1. I looked into this data last year also.
        It’s a truly staggering sad Fact.
        I believe the longest period of peace was under FDR 1936-1941.
        War is financed, therefore people make profit, like the Carlyle group.
        The Bush family are a big part of this.
        Prescott Bush was a shady figure.
        I really don’t think America can stop now, why would it ? It’s a huge money machine.
        After the Russian Revolution of 1917, the ultra rich became scared.
        This is NOT a conspiracy theory, it’s a Fact.
        It’s their World, we are just living in it.

      2. Being rich isn’t an evil 👿 But it does make you suppoedly responsible for all the messed up doings of politiciansand government mess ups. I wish i were rich but its not the answer to world wide stupidity.

    2. I agree with you, but you leave out the many wars with Mexico, and the lands stolen from them.

      1. I would read more about the Mexican war after the war we pay for those lands that are part of the USA now.
        The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo (Tratado de Guadalupe Hidalgo in Spanish), officially titled the Treaty of Peace, Friendship, Limits and Settlement between the United States of America and the Mexican Republic,[1] is the peace treaty signed on February 2, 1848, in the Villa de Guadalupe Hidalgo (now a neighborhood of Mexico City) between the United States and Mexico that ended the Mexican–American War (1846–1848). The treaty came into force on July 4, 1848.[2]

        With the defeat of its army and the fall of its capital, Mexico entered into negotiations to end the war. The treaty called for the U.S. to pay US$15 million to Mexico and to pay off the claims of American citizens against Mexico up to US$5 million. It gave the United States the Rio Grande as a boundary for Texas and gave the U.S. ownership of California and a large area comprising roughly half of New Mexico, most of Arizona, Nevada, and Utah, and parts of Wyoming and Colorado. Mexicans in those annexed areas had the choice of relocating to within Mexico’s new boundaries or receiving American citizenship with full civil rights.

        The U.S. Senate advised and consented to ratification of the treaty by a vote of 38–14. The opponents of this treaty were led by the Whigs, who had opposed the war and rejected Manifest destiny in general, and rejected this expansion in particular. The amount of land gained by the United States from Mexico was further increased as a result of the Gadsden Purchase of 1853, which ceded parts of present-day southern Arizona and New Mexico to the United States of America

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