Third Actuarial Pricing Game

With the support of ACTINFO Chair and the (French) Institute of Actuaries, our Third Actuarial Pricing Game starts today ! There is a toolbox file available online, with

  • a description of the game : the rules, the dates, and a description of the datasets
  • 3 datasets : one underwriting and one claims databases, for year 0 (training data) and one underwriting dataset to enter the game

Anyone can play. Students from various programs around the world, as well as practitioners are welcome to play. It can be by teams, and there are no limit on the size. And there is no registration: to start playing, teams have to submit a dataset before the deadline (end of February), to

4 thoughts on “Third Actuarial Pricing Game”

  1. Quick clarification – in Rule 4, it states “if their insurance company for year 0 is still among the cheapest 3….”.

    Should this instead read ‘year 1’? The company for year 0 is not anywhere defined.

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