10 thoughts on “(Advanced) R Crash Course, for Actuaries”

  1. In one of the quizzes the solution is wrong, there is plus sign between 5 and i*j (5+i*j) and not (5*i*j).

    s=0; for(i in 1:10) for(j in i:10) s=s+i*i/(5+i*j); s

    1. Another one:
      While computing 1:3 * 1:5 there is an error in R
      Warning message:
      In 1:3 * 1:5 :
      longer object length is not a multiple of shorter object length

      Also (1:3)*(1:5) yield the same error.

      1. In the quizz about the roots of the polynomial

        polyroot(c(-1,1,1)) gives 0.618 and -1.618
        your solution has the wrong signs.

  2. Hello!
    Great presentation!
    How did you include googleVis graph in slidify?
    When I tried to include Sankey diagram into slidify presentation – nothing happened at all.

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