R Crash Course, Data Science for Actuaries, Year 2

This Monday, we will start the second year of the Actuary: Data Science (ADS) program, supported by the (French) Institute of Actuaries. I will be there on monday morning for the opening, and we will start the R & Datamining course. The slides are now online,

In order to get nice slides, I have been using slidify. The R code is available online, as well as some pdf version of the slides.

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16 thoughts on “R Crash Course, Data Science for Actuaries, Year 2”

  1. As always, what a fantastically interesting course!

    One question on slide 205, I don’t quite follow where the object “storms” is coming from. I see it is related to the field “Name” (or tabs[1][[1]][[2]]) but I think one instruction is missing. Can you please help me on this?


  2. Was the year 1 class a more introductory class? Are slides avalailable for that as well?
    Great job!

    1. sorry, it’s a one year program… this is the second group of students… the first one should graduate in April, and the second one start next week. They’ll have Python courses also, courses on big data and a lot of case study.

  3. I also like the slides and find them useful.
    Will they be available as pdf for download?
    Would be extremely helpful to integrate the slides into mendeley.


  4. I am not even from actuary, but I am finding these slides extremely well done and useful.

    Specially the learning curve has been set really great. Bad that I cannot copy code from slides and reproduce myself.

    Still, many thanks.

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