Review of ‘Computational Actuarial Science, with R’

Nice review of the book in the International Statistical Review, of the book Computational Actuarial Science with R,

Again, the datasets used in the book can be found on

> install.packages("CASdatasets", repos = "", type="source")
> library(CASdatasets)
> ?CASdatasets


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One thought on “Review of ‘Computational Actuarial Science, with R’”

  1. I picked up the book at inception and finally it got to the top of the list. Love how fields I never touch professionally get built from easy starters to quite complex models. And that all in the way I love to learn: by trying first and not mathematical models first.

    My two books to rule the world at this point in time are Bayesian Data Analysis and this one.

    (Too bad half the actuarial world is working Solvency II and not cool stuff like this 😉

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