Dear reader, who are you?

While working on an updated (not to say revised) version of Blogging in Academia, a Personal Experience, I noticed that I now have a better understanding of me as a blogger (this academic alter-ego, to use Vanessa Paz Dennen’s words), the role of blogs within academia, and the community of academic-bloggers. But tonight, in the train, I was asking myself about the readers. I mean You. I know from the stats of my blog that a few thousand people will read this post, that you are 32% American, 21% French, 6% Brazilian and 3% Swedish. That it is quite unlikely that you use a Linux computer. But I don’t know much more…

Since I have always claimed that my blog was a place to experiment, I wanted to try one! Dear reader, if you have 10 seconds, can you please post a comment, with your age, your gender, and your background (I’d like to know if you’re a student, a colleague, an economist, a mathematician, a biologist, a journalist, an astronaut, a lion tamer, an actuary, a modeler, a model, a robot… ). If you want to spend more time explaining how you ended up on my blog, I’d be glad to know… But at least, your age, your gender, and your ‘academic background’ (since I have some sort of academic blog), that would be great! If you come frequently on my blog, you should start to know me, and I thought it would be great if I could know more about you…

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131 thoughts on “Dear reader, who are you?”

  1. gender: male
    age : 25
    academic background : actuarial science
    religion : islam
    i like read about your posts as it allows me to understand the world around us better. very interesting. thank you !

  2. Âge:22
    Gender: mâle
    Status: student (ENSEIRB-MATMECA, Bordeaux, France, 2nd year in Computer Science)

    I follow you on tweeter since you were retweeted by someone else. I often read your posts to learn things about data analysis, I want to learn it by myself to add it to my skills and mix them it my future carrier.

    Thank you for your activity on social networks and on your blog !

  3. Name: Bruno
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Background: French student in M2 Financial Engineering
    How do I know the blog: Old Student in MAT8181 from UQAM

  4. Name: David
    Gender: Male
    Location: California, USA
    Profession: Electrical/Controls Engineering in automotive manufacturing
    How I got here: following reddit link in /r/datascience
    Linux user, just not for web browsing.

  5. Bonjour,

    Gender: mâle
    Status: student (ENSAE, 3A FM)

    J’ai découvert ce blog en tapant votre nom, suite à la lecture de vos articles dans “Variances ” et à la lecture de plusieurs de vos anciens poly de cours (ENSAE/ENSAI/Rennes): chaîne de Markov, économétrie, méthode numérique en finance. Ils sont tous incroyables, et complètent (pour ne pas dire remplacent) les cours actuels de l’ENSAE! Merci!

  6. age (gender): 35 (male)
    field: finance & economics
    job: ass’t prof
    country: Netherlands
    how i came here: browsing

  7. age = 24
    gender = male
    background = economics | actuarial sciences
    country = belgium
    job = risk management (insurance)

  8. Country: Colombia
    Age: 33
    Gender: Male
    Field: Insurance
    Job: Actuary (working in back-office operations though)
    Trained in France (Actuaire ISFA)

  9. Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Location: Albany, NY
    Background: undergrad econ student, interested in programming and research
    How I got here: R-Bloggers

    One of your rare Linux users…

  10. Country: France
    Age: 29
    Gender: Male
    Position: PhD Student
    Field: Finance
    Job: Quantitative Analyst

  11. Age 63. Statistician for Janssen-Johnson & Johnson. Found link in Rick Wicklin’s “The DO Loop” blog based in SAS. Have been using SAS for 30 years. Am now catching up with R. . . Left college to work in construction and shipyards during the 1970s. Was politically active. So can appreciate your material on economics, especially on inequality. Returned to receive a BA in math and then an MS in statistics; both from Rutgers.

  12. hi my dear teacher!
    age: 25
    gender: male
    from: China(there exist only one China)
    background: master of public economics, but not good at economics because of my laziness

    the first time i heard from u the freakonometrics im curious cause of i guessing maybe it another version of freakonomics.
    after i entered i found u have combined research and life together, how i wish i own a teacher like u and now here u are though im not good at methods of economics but i like it just like i enjoy ur way to lead a life.

    a few advice for ur class: it’ll be better if u slow down ur speed when teaching and look at us, and it’ll be perfect if u analyse the background of ur many graphs. besides, humor is a good way to communicate with naughty students like me. 😀

    forgive me for my endless boring words, best wishes for u.

  13. Age: that much
    gender: female
    background: PhD in history of economics. Now assistant professor, CREM (Caen). Just landed here via Frances Woolley’s twitter. Will probably stay for a while. Sometimes put historical thoughts online, but I don’t think I’m using my blog as a blog.

  14. Age: 37
    Gender: Female
    PhD in Statistics, after a Master in Telecommunication Engineering. Post-doc in statistical genomics. Left academia for the pharma industry. Found your blog through links on the blog of Andrew Gelman.

  15. age: 29

    gender: male

    background: I’m an engineer, working on wind and wave measurement campaigns on offshore wind parks + on performing all sorts of data analysis

    how I ended up on Freakonometrics: while learning R

    I must add that your blog has inspired me a little, and I now share some of my quick and dirty analysis on my blog. See for instance and

    Still trying to figure out how to use it for work… Also, I think that they way you share knowledge on twitter is great, and again you inspired me to create a professional twitter account under my real name. Let see if others in my field of activity get interested as well.

    I always recommend your blog to any data lover i meet.

    all the best for 2015,

  16. PhD economics student in Germany, age bracket 25-30; came here through recommendation by a friend.

  17. Age : 50
    Gender : Female
    Background : former journalist, now communications specialist.

    Probably got here after reading one of your tweets. Don’t remember 🙂

  18. bonjour Arthur,
    Homme, 35 ans, Sciences humaines (master), Journaliste, Paris
    Je viens régulièrement faire mon shopping sur Somewhere Else, meilleure revue de web du monde!

  19. Age: 28
    Gender: M
    Location: Toronto, Canada
    Education: MA Economics 2011
    Occupation: Civil Service

  20. Age : 50
    Gender : M
    Country : Fr
    Background : Chef de projet informatique de gestion.

    Je me posais les mêmes questions qu’Antonio, donc merci pour les réponses. Je vous suis via twitter depuis peu et la sélection d’articles que vous proposez a franchement enrichi ma vie intellectuelle. Chapeau bas !

  21. Age : 23
    Gender: Female
    Occupation : Actuarial analyst
    Background : BAC Actuariat – UQÀM (ex-étudiante passionnée qui vous lit de temps à autre)

  22. Age : 26
    Gender: Male
    Location : Paris, France
    Occupation : Quantitative Risk Analyst
    Background : Master in statistics from Ensai, Rennes
    How I ended up here : During my second year at Ensai, I was part of a statistical project on copula. In my research, I found your course copula and doing more research I came across your blog. Your blog is just fantastic. I love the diversity of the subjects and the way they are analyzed.

  23. Age: 48
    Gender: Male
    Background: PhD in Applied Mathematics, Cornell University. Now working as a researcher in computational statistics at SAS in the US. I am also a blogger.

    How I got here: I follow you on Twitter and visit your blog when I see an interesting Tweet. I wish I had the time to read your blog regularly, because IMO you are one of the Top Ten bloggers in statistics. I don’t read French well, so unfortunately I can’t read the articles that you write in French.

  24. Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Background: Master’s student in Mathematics at TU Dresden
    How I got here: Prof. Klaus D. Schmidt asked me to greet you since I am in Rennes at the moment. I wanted to figure out, where you and when you are in Rennes. Got stuck on the incredibly interesting “Somewhere else, part 189” and “Confidence vs. Credibility Intervals”.

  25. Age : 23
    Location : Switzerland
    Occupation : Pension Fund Accountant
    Background : BBA
    How I ended up here : Interest in statistics and actuarial science due to my job. Thanks by the way. Your blog’s really great.

  26. A 29 male from China working in consulting company as a statistician. I found your blog while googling copula things in R at July 2012: “Freakonometrics? ok, let’s hit the link.”
    (I took a glance for all the names above, well I guess I have met one from France before :p and there is another one whose blog I found also interesting at the same period)

  27. Male, 52 y.o., PhD in statistics, working as a faculty in a CS department in UFMG, Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

    When I can find the time, I read your blog and I follow you in Twitter (this is easier), always a rewarding reading. I knew your blog many years ago, when I used to lecture Actuarial Mathematics and I lived in France. Then you visited Brazil and Belo Horizonte in 2009 (it seems like a long time ago and yet, just 5 years ago), moved to Canada and the blog got even better!

  28. Age: 49
    Gender: Male
    Position: Professor at French University
    Field: Ecology
    I discover R 3 years ago (before I used many kinds of computer languages) and I was astonished to be able to make analyses in 10 commands lines that I did before in 1000 lines of code. I come here using search for tutorial about time series analysis. I am always surprised how similar the methods we used in ecology are similar to the ones you use in economy. I have now 2 packages in CRAN. Thanks a lot for your blog.

  29. Age: 36
    Gender: female
    Nationality: Italian
    Residence: Toulon (France)
    Academic background: PhD in numerical analysis at École Polytechnique (France)
    Current position: Maître de conférences at Université de Toulon
    How I got here: Don’t remember.

  30. 34years old male statistician and phd student in biomedical engineering. From Sweden. Background is a master in computational mathematics but blogs like this, r and real medical research problems converted me to follow the path of statistics. Thank you for a great blog.

  31. Age: 25
    Gender: male
    Location: Dortmund in Germany
    Background: Statistician, end of Master now
    Using Ubuntu.

    I think this posts here are not represantative (Linux User’s probably are more likely to answer, especially after your introduction ;))

    I am writing an article about statistic related Blogs in the Internet, maybe you can give me some good tips for other interesting blogs.

  32. Age: 31
    Gender: male
    Nationality: French
    Residence: Singapore
    Academic background: PhD in statistical genetics
    Current position: Learning Advisor in Statistics and Mathematics at James Cook University Singapore
    How I got here: Don’t remember. I guess I was looking for some statistics related stuff on internet.

  33. M, 35yrs old, economist/statistician by training, working on econometrics, came here via the R-bloggers aggregator

  34. Age: 31
    Gender: Male
    Background: Trained as an applied mathematician in randomized numerical linear algebra/algorithmic applications of high-dimensional probability. Working as an machine learning researcher in industry now.
    Came across your site while looking up de Finetti’s theorem in an attempt to learn about Bayesian nonparametrics.

  35. Age: 29
    Gender: male
    From : Algeria and live in Paris
    background: Ph.D student on Applied Statistics: “Sources of fluctuations and forecast of pollutant concentrations in an indoor environment”.
    frequent site by week: mean=1.3; median=1.6.
    I think I probably found your blog through your texts course about time series “cours de séries temporelles : théorie et application DESS Actuariat et DESS Mathématique de la Décision”.
    About this, I think in your last update, you forgot in page 139 to include the Dicky-Fuller table results. But we can find it in the first version in page 117.

  36. Hello Arthur,

    Gender: Male
    Nationality: Canadian
    Occupation: Recently Graduate from ESG-UQAM (MBA), Senior Advisor in Management,
    Thank you for all your good work and the spirit you put in your blog

  37. Hi Arthur,
    I am a 30 year old male from Barcelona (Spain). I studied economics and ended up in your blog because I like econometrics and playing with R. I like the variety of subjects and always can find interesting and eclectic readings in your blog.

  38. Age: 24 years old
    Gender: Male
    Nationality: Mexican
    Current city: Marseille, France
    I’m studying Advanced Studies in Economics in Aix-Marseille Université and, hopefully, will enter the PhD Programme next year.

  39. Hi, I’m from Algeria
    a: 31
    g: male
    background : statistician, working for an insurance company.
    The first thing that I read from your blog (not this one, your former blog) was a free course, looks like an ebook, about time series. I think it was in 2005 or 2006. Since, I’m following your posts and your papers until today :).

    Thank you

  40. Male, 48 years old, from Italy. PHD in Statistics. A previous aborted accademic experience, currently high school teacher.
    Why it happened I came here? I don’t remember exactly, sorry, but it was several years ago. Moreover I suppose I escape from your web readers statistic because I read your blog almost exclusively through RSS feed.
    I think to be an “outlier” among your readers, mainly because I know R only by name, and I don’t know to program in it. But I admire your competence.
    What I like especially about your blog:
    * some of your chart (as I have already written in some previous comment)
    * your articles about blogging
    * your Somewere Else posts (even if I don’t like most of them, but cartoons and causes for reflection are great).
    What I don’t understand about you:
    * how it is possible that you write so very elaborate and descriptive posts and also have the time to work (by the way: my sincere congratulations!)
    * how it is possible that you love Twitter (I hate it)
    * if you read all the articles you share with us in Somewere else post (it seems impossible to me!).
    You have already written about the first two matters (even if I am still unable to understand you 🙂 ). But please, reply to my last question!
    And thank you very much for blogging.

    1. thanks Antonio !
      since you did ask for more details, I will try to answer

      i) I don’t know, I just think that it’s part of my job ! I mean, I gave a training this week, and while we were talking, we produced nice graphs. So tonight, I plan to write a post, just to keep tracks of what we did… Writing a post is usually not that long, since it is part of other projects. If not, it helps me understand some concepts, or technical tools I might use some day. For instance, a few years ago, I did play with codes on convex sets, and polygons. And actually, a few weeks ago, I had to do something very close for some research paper. It did save me a lot of time to have writen a post on that. And to be honest, I have time to work, but also to spend with my family. I still drop the kids every morning on my way to the University, and I usually, I get back not to late, to cook in the evening, and spend some time with the kids.

      ii) do I love Twitter ? I don’t know… usually, I hate discussing on Twitter… I am bored very quickly… I like to get information from other people, to get interesting links. And I share some of them afterwards. I see Twitter as (public) bookmarks. I also like the idea of getting a network : I have “met” interesting people through Twitter : I met some IRL, but I did also exchange through mails (exchange contacts, papers, datasets, also publish articles together afterwards).

      iii) I have read most of them. At least, I have gone through all of them. Now, I might share, say, 10 articles per day. Out of 15 or 20 ? Reading 20 articles per day, to get the news, to learn what’s going on, I guess everyone does that. I mean, reading the newspaper in the subway, that’s already reading 5 to 10 posts or articles ! (most of them have no interest, but still). Some links are also related to papers I read for my work, either while working on a course, or after a seminar. Usually, in the evening, I do not watch tv, so while my wife may watch some tv show, I go online, and read a dozen article. And that a great think when you follow interesting people on twitter is that most articles I read are interesting !

      I hope that those answers might help you to know me better…

      thanks again for sharing thoses comments !

  41. Age : 30
    Gender : female
    Country : China
    Background : Hydraulic engineering and then PhD in Hydrology and water resources.

    This is my first time coming to your blog. I came here by Scholar alert of ‘Entropy in Hydrology’ via gmail.

  42. MIT grad, once and future chemistry prof, came to freakonometrics via the Bayesian Biologist and stayed for the juicy insights

  43. Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    MS in Statistics ( Rennes 1 & Bretagne Sud).
    I am a big R addict and a long time reader …

  44. Age: 31
    Gender: Male
    Location: Canada
    Academic background: Actuarial Science, MBA
    How I got here: R-Bloggers

  45. Hello Arthur,

    You’re not only sharing knowledge but also intelligence and a good sense of humour. Thank you!

    Age: 57
    Gender: male
    Background: PhD in Psychology
    Work: General manangement in pension provision industry in the Netherlands
    System: Windows
    Several years ago I’ve stumbled over your previous site. I used to have a RSS connection, but cannot restore it from your current site. (Error information: “This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.”)

  46. 37 years old male. Assistant prof. In economics in a french university .

    Came here from R (can’t remember how but R bloggers might be involved) several year ago. Love your ecclectism and pedagogical skills. “Somewhere else ” is a must. Posts about your attempt at modelling solutions with your children also. I hate when you go on holidays or on leave 😉

  47. Sexagenarian chemist with an interest in modeling random processes, MIT PhD, many years teaching & research in Scandinavia but presently at a US National Laboratory, arrived here by way of the Bayesian Biologist blog which appears to be sadly defunct these days. You are great, I just wish my French were sharper.

  48. Age 25, Male

    Background : bachelor in mathematics, now still trying to be an actuary. I know you from twitter about actuarial mathematics and R

  49. 37 ans, grande école scientifique + MBA, a toujours utilisé les statistiques dans sa vie, avec des applications à la micro-économie ; fasciné par la puissance de R.

  50. Edouard, 37 ans, ingénieur Centrale Lyon. Je travaille dans la gestion de projets informatiques. Intéressé au départ par la datavisualisation, j’ai découvert R (d’où votre blog) et l’analyse de données en général. Je suis via Twitter ou directement les mises à jour du blog.

  51. Age: 24
    Gender: male
    Country: Germany
    Occupation: Master student of mathematics
    How I got here? Originally probably through r-bloggers (but I’m not 100% sure about this)…

  52. Age: 35
    Gender: male
    Country: France
    Academic background: DESS maths appliquées Université de Caen + Centre Etudes Actuarielles
    Profession: Actuary at Niort
    Interested in everything with R (bought your book) and with the studies and articles exposed in “somewhere else”

  53. 31 / M / French / PhD candidate / Paris, Lille

    – Mac OS X user, with a healthy dose of command line
    – Have met at least three of your readers in real life 🙂
    – Discovered blog either through Éconoclaste or through R-related stuff (R-Bloggers or #rstats, cannot remember)

  54. age:31
    gender: male
    Background : engineer statistician
    I’m currently business intelligence analyst in Paris.

    Great blog, thanks a lot !!

  55. 26, female, PhD student in Germany. I think I have found your blog several times by looking for statistics/computation tips and today I was really thankful for your article about CI for predictions with GLM. I too am addicted to R! Moreover I guess your having lived in Rennes is a good argument for reading you since I am breton and chauvinist. ;o) Keep up the good work & thanks a lot for your blog!

  56. I would like to thank you for the efforts you have put in writing this blog. I am hoping to view the same high-grade blog posts from you later on as well. In truth, your creative writing abilities has inspired me to get my very own website now 😉

  57. Male/30/Bonn, Germany.

    I studied Computer Science and spent 4 years in ressearch. I’m still fascinated by everything scientific, especially when it’s about visualization of complex phenomena.

  58. 50, male, research engineer in meteorology.
    Born in France, living in Toulouse.
    Came here through over blog, can’t remember which.

  59. Age: 30
    Gender: Male
    Background: PhD in Systems Science
    How I got here: Linked to your blog through another blog in my RSS feed, and subsequently added yours to my feed

  60. Age: 31
    Gender: male
    Country: Australia
    Academic background: Ensai + PhD Stats
    Can’t really remember how I got here, most likely word of mouth…

  61. age: 32
    gender: male
    nationality: Brazilian

    I’m currently a PhD candidate in political economy in the UK. I consider myself a beginner in both R and stats (both self-taught). but in my field I guess I’m not doing that bad.

    A friend of mine, a Brazilian mathematician and lawyer (yes, you’ve read it right) recommended me your blog some time ago and I’ve been reading it on Inoreader ever since. I follow you on Twitter as well.

  62. age: 53
    gender: M
    background: applied research

    made aware of blog through your Mtl R user group presentation

    linux at home Win at work

  63. 25, male, background: PhD student in computational biology with a degree in engineering.

    Mainly got refered here from other blogs for common statistical analysis and stayed for this.

  64. This is almost every day that I am looking into your blog and I am happy to provide some volatitity to your readers’ age curve with my 58. Gender is male. The road towards an accedemic status has been somewhat difficult so it has been replaced by an actuarial education background.
    My occupation since the past fifteen years has been broking both in the reinsurance and insurance industry. So I am definitely ranging in the business side of the equation between theory and practice.
    I like your blog. This is my little and fragile bridge from industry to research.
    Any idea how to increase traffic on this narrow path?

  65. I’m a 36 year old, male German historian from Munich

    Postdoc at the University of Munich, I’m currently working on French social and economic history of the 19th century, more specifically on the nexus of morality and capitalism in fin de siècle-France. Other subjects of the last years have been political history (education system) and business history of Nazi Germany.

    I ended up on your blog via the catalogue of and I was especially caught by your “somewhere else” section. And though I’m also following on twitter, I prefer the oldfashioned RSS-feed.

  66. Age: 25
    Gender : Male
    Background: Actuaire Français travaillant en réassurance

    Merci pour tous ces posts très intéressants !

  67. age: 29
    gender: male
    background: actuary

    I found this blog from r-bloggers and I love the posts focussing on R and actuarial science!

  68. 32, female, PhD student in econ in the US. Found you while looking for some productive procrastination. Nice to step back and approach stats/econometrics and their diverse applications from a different angle every once in a while.

  69. 28, male. I am one of your statistical anomaly using linux. I am currently doing a postdoc in the US related to quantitative mathematics.

    I discovered your blog years ago when looking for something about R. Since then, I have been enjoying your articles, in particular those illustrating statistic notions with some R code. And “Somewhere Else” gives me a great excuse to procrastinate a little bit 🙂

  70. Age: 47.9
    Gender: Male
    Background: FCAS working in Reinsurance in the US

    I believe I stumbled onto your blog via some other interesting blogs dealing with Actuarial topics and R. I think it may have started with Brian Fannin’s PirateGrunt blog.

    Your “Somewhere else” is always a must-read.

  71. Age: 36
    Gender: male
    Country: France
    Academic background: Ensae (tu connais peut-être ? 😉
    Current background: Insee

  72. Age : 30
    Gender : male
    Background : I’m a PhD student in economics (of innovation)
    Country : France

    I found your blog via the french economic blogosphere (probably Econoclast).
    The “somewhere else” section is my daily link with your blog. It’s the best web articles selection I know. Thank you !

  73. age: 30,
    gender: male,
    PhD student in Geography
    Found your 1st and this one blog during my studies. A solution for open my mind in stat and R.

  74. Age : 45
    Gender : male
    Country : Pays-bas
    Background : Econometrics & Actuarial sciences
    I am currently writing a master thesis about parametric and non-parametric estimation methods with application to VaR. I ended up on your blog a year ago when I was googling GLM in R. Since then I am frequent visitor of your blog. You are doing great work, and you become for me a symbol of knowledge sharing.

  75. 31 year old male from Germany with a M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering doing currently a PhD in signal processing.

  76. 41, Male, living in UK
    Biochemist turned epidemiologist because of interest in assessment methods and analytical sciences
    Found this blog when searching for some information on R

  77. I am a 34 year old male.
    I live in France.
    My background is a PhD in economics and I am now working on stress testing methodology in a bank.
    I discovered the blog through other blogs, posibly a link posted by Alexandre Delaigue of Econoclaste.

  78. Age: 29
    Gender: male
    Country: France
    Academic background: EURIA
    Current background: Actuary consultant

  79. Hey,

    I just finished my master studies in mathematics. Currently, I try to find an interesting idea for my thesis in economics and thereafter I might begin a PhD in statistics/econometrics. 26 years old male from Germany, Mac user – but university computers are all Windows machines 🙂

  80. Age : 25
    Gender : male
    Country : Slovenia
    Academic background : MA in quantitative finance
    Professional background: quantitative analyst and a fund manager

  81. Age : 38
    Gender : male
    Country : Germany
    Background : bench biologist that developed an interest in genomic data analysis (Postdoc in Bioinformatics).

    I think I discovered the blog via the undercover economist., and stayed because I like statistics in the new, politics and economy.

    Also a Linux user 🙂

  82. Age : 27
    Gender : male
    Background : Master’s degree in economics modelling in France
    Current position : PhD. Student in neuroeconomics.

  83. Bonjour,

    age: 29
    sexe : homme
    Background: Ecole d’ingénieur en France (Supélec), je travaille dans l’assurance depuis 4 ans.
    J’ai découvert le blog par un ami qui connaissait, il y a des années maintenant. J’y ai beaucoup appris et ça a même contribué à orienter des choix professionnels.
    Mention spéciale aux “Somewhere else”, toujours riches, informatifs et insolites. Continuez comme ça!

  84. Age : 30
    Gender : male
    Country : United Kingdom
    Background : Hydraulic engineering and then PhD in Hydrology. Now work on catastrophe models.

    I don’t really remember how I discovered your blog.

  85. age: 26,
    gender: male,
    PhD student in Ecology
    Found your blog during my studies (probably some R-related stuff…)
    Use Linux 😉

  86. I’m a 25 yo, male, French PhD student in econom(etr)ics of crime.

    I read your blog for a year or two now, I think via a link on another french econ blog (maybe Econoclaste), or twitter. I like your short “lessons” on statistics, econometrics and R, and “Somewhere else” is always interesting. Thanks!

  87. 25 yo, male, French PhD student in econom(etr)ics of crime.

    I read your blog for a year or two now, I think via a link on another french econ blog (maybe Econoclaste), or twitter. I like your short “lessons” on statistics, econometrics and R, and “Somewhere else” is always interesting. Thanks!

  88. Age : 25
    Gender : female
    Country : France
    Background : graduated from an engineering school in statistics (Ensai), I am currently a PhD student in computer science in another engineering school in Brittany.

    I don’t remember how I discovered your blog but now I mainly follow you on Twitter and click when I am interested in.

    By the way, I use Linux 🙂

  89. Age : 27
    Sexe : Homme
    Lyon (France)
    Études : Master 2 EQUADE université Lyon II
    Emploi : Chargé d’études Datamining dans une entreprise d’édition de logiciels pour les entreprises.

    J’ai découvert votre blog en L3, quand je cherchais à m’initier aux séries temporelles sur R.
    Depuis, c’est une addiction.

  90. Thomas, 28, London,
    I studied economics in France. I am currently data analyst at a London start-up. I am a big R addict. I hit your blog a looong time ago (when your colleague Laurent Denant-Bohemont was still blogging) .

  91. Hi Arthur,
    French 35 y.o. male, now a lecturer in statistics in UCC, Cork, Ireland where we teach actuarial science among other things. I studied maths, CS and statistical signal processing in Nice, and did a postdoc gig in Germany in signal proc too before moving to stats and AS here in Ireland. Self-taught R user, which I use both in research and teaching. Probably ended up on your blog one day years ago googling something for R!
    Great blog, often inspiring, so thanks and keep it up!
    All the best,

  92. Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Background: Graduated in logistics after being lost in an economectric magister for a year in Marseille.
    I like following econ blogging and if I don’t understand a thing in econometrics, your “sowhere else” and post on general economics are very intersting. I don’t remember how I ended here, maybe twitter or maybe a link from Econoclastes or anything else. Know I follow your rss feed.

  93. I’m a 32 years old male Portuguese citizen born in Angola and currently living in the Netherlands. My background is in Computer Science, although I also hold a Master degree in Financial Mathematics. I work as a software engineer and I DO use Linux 🙂 (although most of the times I access your blog from my Mac)
    Honestly I don’t remember how I came across your blog.

  94. Rob
    Academic economist from UK. Just completed PhD. You got me interesting in R as I tried to reproduce your examples. I am a long time reader but I cannot remember how I arrived here in the first place.

  95. Age: 25
    Gender: male
    Country: Germany
    Academic background: PhD candidate in mathematical statistics

    I actually don’t remember how I first hit your blog, but I started to visit frequently when your name popped up again in my research on kernel estimation of copula densities. I like to get updates on your research and love clicking through the “somewhere else” links to kill time in a more stimulating fashion than just watching TV.

  96. *age: 26, male, married, lives in Colorado
    *MS in applied mathematics
    *3 years industry experience as lead researcher for a small healthcare IT firm: doing statistical data analysis, machine learning, using a lot of Hadley Wickham packages, etc.
    * frequent site: once weekly
    I’ve outsourced figuring out what to read on the internet with your fantastic ‘Somewhere else’ posts.

  97. Guy, 29 years old. Economist by formation with an interest in statistics (I did lot of econometrics) , you keep me up to date with my (endless) procrastination (Somewhere else is great, btw).. I like also what you do on R + your eclectism.

  98. {
    age: 29,
    gender: male,
    background: entrepreneur in data science (,
    freakonometrics: tweets related to #rstats

  99. a/s/l: 32/male/Berlin, Germany

    I am writing my master thesis in Japanese Sciences and did a double major with economics. But I work as a system administrator (and use personally Linux btw ;))

  100. hello Arthur
    I’m a 36 y.o. french engineer in energy efficiency, interested in , energy & tools for data…

  101. age: 21
    gender: male
    background: I’m a graduate student in public administration / intern
    how I ended up on Freakonometrics: through Twitter

  102. I’m Javier. I used to be a mathematician specialized in mathematical logic and algebraic methods for dynamical systems, did some postdocs in France and Canada, got tired of academia and now I’m becoming a programmer. Just got my first job doing that. I live in London, Ontario, but due to that job offer I’ll be moving to Toronto in two weeks. That’s pretty much it.

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