Talk on natural castrophes at PEARL conference

In a couple of days, Benoit will give a talk at the 9th Conference on Public Economics At the Regional and Local level (PEARL) in Helsinki, in Finland organized by the VATT (Government Institute for Economic Research). The slides are now available on the blog, and the paper is still online here

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One thought on “Talk on natural castrophes at PEARL conference”

  1. Hello,

    I´m a Mexican architect and i found your blog (it’s a very interesting exercise of metrics and statistics), the reason that i wrote to you is the next: in that moment there are a difficult times in our country… The party that was in the government for 70 years is now the leader in the PREP (a kind of easy count of votes) of our Federal Elector Institute (IFE), the results of the PREP are now online and that shows a kind of progression and correlation between the results ( the correlation of Pearson is equal to 1.00) in my very basic knowledge about statistics i feel that something is very wrong or manipulated…
    Maybe for you could be interesting to analize the information and help me to understand this.

    Please help us to analize the numbers given to us by the IFE

    this is the web page of the IFE:

    and here the web of google analytics for the election in México

    if you have any doubt please contact me

    sincerely thanks!

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