Somewhere else, part 87

This Halloween week, some writings worth reading

… the old-fashioned school system was an extension of the Peter Principle.  If the student failed a grade he had to repeat the grade, in other words he had to remain at his level of incompetence.  Obviously, school officials do not like this system as it shows an accumulation of incompetent students thus lowers the standards of the school.  Therefore, to avoid the accumulation of incompetents everyone was promoted.  The psychological justification of this policy is that it spares the painful experience of failure.  This is what the author calls hierarchical regression.

et un peu de lecture en français,

Did I miss something?

One thought on “Somewhere else, part 87”

  1. Regarding the “Big Data” quote;
    Actually, in his recent presentation during the “Simply Statistics Unconference on the Future of Statistics”, Hadley Wickham gives the least stupid definition of Big Data I have heard so far:
    “If Computation time >> Cognitive time (in the data analysis process), then you’re probably dealing with Big Data”, else, you’re not.

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