Somewhere else, part 65

Some writings worth reading, this week,

Read between the lines. The paper originally was released in 2009 and was published in 2013 in PLOS-One, which is one step above appearing on Arxiv. PLOS-One publishes some good things (so does Arxiv) but it’s the place people place papers that can’t be placed. We can deduce that the paper was rejected by Science, Nature, various other biology journals, and maybe some political science journals as well. I’m not saying you shouldn’t criticize the paper in question, but you can’t really demand better from a paper published in a bottom-feeder journal. Again, just because something’s in a crap journal, doesn’t mean it’s crap; I’ve published lots of papers in unselective, low-prestige outlets. But it’s certainly no surprise if a paper published in a low-grade journal happens to be crap. They publish the things nobody else will touch.” [to be continued…]

et toujours quelques articles et billets en français, dont un fabuleux “augmentation de 50%” traduit en “a doublé“, repris par de (trop) nombreux journalistes

Avec un peu de retard, je suis allé voir sur,22949.html

cela dit si on va sur…, on retrouve la référence,

mais le titre de la page a changé (mais pas le nom complet le-nombre-de-sdf-multiplie-par-2-en-10-ans-selon-l-545106)

Cela dit, les amateurs pourront aussi écouter

Did I miss something ?

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