Somewhere else (or maybe not) part 200

Usually, blogging is a rush. There are a lot of posts I have to finish, and if I do not post frequently, I have the feeling that – somehow – I do not belong to the blogosphere any more. There is so much to be done, so many posts to finalize, so many draft that I started, or material used to generate only on graph in some slides (that might deserve a long and detailed post). If instead of looking forward, I take a short beak, and look backward, and I am always surprised to see what I have done. I am always puzzled when googling something that I would like to know more about, one of my own posts appears, or reappears.

Usually, in those somewhere else, I mention posts and articles here and there, outside my own blog. For the 100th post, I mentioned 100 blogs and websites worth following. For this 200th post, I will mention 200 posts worth reading, on my own blog !

… and yes, it will be a mix of posts in English, and in French.

On data science and computational stuff (as well as R tricks)

on actuarial science

on economics

on game theory,

on econometrics

On maps and cartography

On mathematics, geometry and paradoxes

on probability

on statistics

on sports

on demography

on blogging

as well as personal thoughts

and April’s fool posts

Of course, there is much more on my blog. With slides, lecture notes, and additional material related to some research papers…

Now, if you mainly care about what could be found outside my blog, you can still follow me on twitter

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