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Though other services, like Twitter and Google News, can also exert a large influence, Facebook is at the forefront of a fundamental change in how people consume journalism. Most readers now come to it not through the print editions of newspapers and magazines or their home pages online, but through social media and search engines driven by an algorithm, a mathematical formula that predicts what users might want to read. It is a world of fragments, filtered by code and delivered on demand. For news organizations, said Cory Haik, senior editor for digital news at The Washington Post, the shift represents “the great unbundling” of journalism. Just as the music industry has moved largely from selling albums to songs bought instantly online, publishers are increasingly reaching readers through individual pieces rather than complete editions of newspapers or magazines. A publication’s home page, said Edward Kim, a co-founder of SimpleReach, will soon be important more as an advertisement of its brand than as a destination for readers. “People won’t type in anymore,” Ms. Haik said. “It’s search and social.” The shift raises questions about the ability of computers to curate news, a role traditionally played by editors. It also has broader implications for the way people consume information, and thus how they see the world.

et un peu de lecture en français,

La dimension artistique des approches quantitatives n’est finalement jamais mieux perceptible que lorsqu’on les considère comme autant d’outils destinés à la fabrication de formes. En se concentrant strictement sur leurs qualités visuelles singulières, on peut en modifier l’objet en profondeur : l’évaluation et l’optimisation cèdent la place à la constitution de communautés temporaires utilisant ces outils pour mieux concevoir des expériences esthétiques. Le processus de travail statactiviste dans sa dimension artistique consiste ici à proposer d’autres usages de ces technologies pour activer leurs capacités critiques et libérer leurs potentialités ludiques et graphiques.

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