Somewhere else, part 142

Yes, the FIFA World Cup started last week…

For more serious posts and articles (or not), some writings worth reading

FIFA world cup ? how do you call that sport, again ? (via…)

(those two points are almost antimodal)

et un peu de lecture en français,

Did I miss something?

(yes, summer is coming)

2 thoughts on “Somewhere else, part 142”

  1. Vous aviez déja partagé le “mining of massive dataset”. Je l’ai découvert et lu grace à vous. 😉

    Ici :

    [free ebook] free programming books… via @lizardbill, e.g. ”Spatial Epidemiology Notes”… by Charles DiMaggio, ”Foundations of Databases”…, “An Introduction to Information Retrieval”… and ”Mining of Massive Datasets”… by Anand Rajaraman (a.k.a. @anand_raj) and Jeff Ullman

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