Somewhere else, part 121

Some writings worth reading

“Abstract Algebra is wonderful because you can prove things about groups that you don’t even understand.”

“And God said: ‘Thou shalt not divide by zero’”

“This exercise is so easy that it can be solved in a negative number of steps.”

“… And like everything trivial, we must prove it using a very obscure and indirect method that you will probably use only three or four times in your life at the very most.”

“There are a number of steps to follow when you come across an integration problem that requires trig substitution. The first step is to cry. The second step is to re-evaluate your life and wonder what you did to deserve this.”

“Real analysis is just triangle inequality with applications.”

“Topologies aren’t like Wisconsin, unions are still allowed!”

“We’re using a textbook so that way you guys don’t think I’m making all of this up.”

“I too have a lot of trouble visualizing 4-dimensional vectors… When I’m sober.”

et un peu de lecture en français

Did I miss something?

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