Somewhere else, part 99

Some writings worth reading

once again @TCJUK published the post I wanted to write yesterday evening… (before I fall asleep)

Did I miss something? (I mean, something interesting and relevant)

3 thoughts on “Somewhere else, part 99”

  1. Nothing on “Louvois computer system contract”, “ecotaxe subcontractor” or “” public-private results analysis, telling us interesting things about current economic decision/action/result processus ?

    Comparisons of reactions between france and us on those public-private relations. Seems to me, that in france it didn’t get much analysis or spawn any public reaction, contrary to the health gov thing in the us.

    For instance making a comparison on contract winning being a mirror of political election system (winning the job is all, doing the work is secondary if not impossible…)

    And perhaps related,

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